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The Magic of Flaming Shots

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Who does not remember the first time? The first kiss, the first love, the first drunkenness, the first time on a plane, the first time and there are so many, but none is forgotten. My experience with flaming shots is also one of those first times. As the first love, the Golfer’s Shot flaming shot experience was also special and unforgettable. You can call flaming shots rather as a shot with flames or shot with fire.

For thirty years I stayed away from any alcoholic beverage. Just like the paradoxes of life, thirty years later I came into contact with the world of flaming shots. It is clear that there is something in them, and today we are going to try to discover it up close. Flaming shots is more about our attraction to fire. Probably the attraction we feel towards fire is something that we ourselves cannot explain.

My experience although very brief was very positive. Infused with clean and smooth smoked aroma and bold rich fiery chocolate flavors resulting in a lingering and bittersweet finish, it was #worthashot. I loved the sizzle that left in my mouth. After the first successful flaming shot, my whole world altered. The burning taste of the alcohol that contained in the shot made the flavors completely change and accelerate the most predominant aromas, leaving a very pleasant sensation in the mouth.

It is not just an inexplicable taste to see the shot in flames, but a flaming shot awakens our most natural instincts. The whole presentation that we can see from the flames than a more normal shot suddenly becomes an extra attraction. The heat then becomes fundamental when it comes to appreciating the flavors. Although probably a full drink would be very heavy, that temperature in the shot was more than appropriate. To summarize in one word was the intensity, which was like a roller coaster!

A warmth enveloped me along with the music and the songs, as I could feel the music vibrate inside me, move my feet in time and hugged in me a warmth and light and I could feel myself at peace as the Golfer’s Shot flaming shot experience was #simplywellmade.

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