Monday, April 21, 2014

Mango: A Comfort Food ‎

It is a love affair long before we knew what love was. Mangoes are the most consumed fresh fruit in the world. Known for its sweet smell, and even sweeter taste, mangoes are a perfect fruit for a romantic interlude. Its nostalgic reminiscing the good old days when kids tried to sneak in and steal the fruit and couples would romance each other under the trees. The first thing which comes to everyone’s mind in this season is the mangoes, the king of fruits. Those ripe juicy mangoes in different shapes and sizes which make everyone’s mouth water.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Earth Day: Lets change the climate

Earth Day 2014 this year dedicated to the Green cities. It is estimated that over one billion people will participate in the various events planned around the world for this 44th Earth Day on emotion which aims to raise awareness of environmental issues. Earth day this year has provided music, sports and art to try to reach the greatest number of people and add them to the collective cry of this edition: Let's change the climate!