Scammed: Confessions of a Confused Accountant

Scammed: Confessions of a Confused Accountant by Anonymous. is a down to earth suspense twirled astute tale of an accountant and his rendezvous in a setting where he strives discovering his own ground in the shadowy underbellies of India’s commercial world, which often concurrent with shady politicians, money minded lasses and clout ravenous entities upshot in a repulsive and mortal mishmash in fact.


IRCTC and Indian Railways

The Indian Railways is the largest of its kind in the world consisting of a manpower force of about 1.5 million workers. This is also referred to as the lifeline of the country and makes great contribution in the growing economy of the nation. The Indian railway promises safe and hassle free journey to its passengers and at the most reasonable price. The tracks run in almost every corner of the country and is known for its inherent strength. More than 13 million passengers benefit from it every day directly from the rail system in India as it has a network of 6,800 km.


Bhapa Ilish Recipe

A light and summery dish, perfect for keeping the line without sacrificing taste! If you believe that the steamed fish is a dish lacking in taste, with this bhapa ilish recipe or steamed hilsa you will be amazed with the refined and very delicate taste. The fish is steamed and the only condiment is a sauce made ​​with fresh mustard paste and mustard oil, while the water used for steaming may be flavored with wine, peppercorns, spring onions to gently perfume the dish. For steaming you will need a special basket, bamboo or aluminum, supported on a pot of water, flavored with lemon and herbs or you can make in a microwave too.


Baggout - Fashion Shopping Online

Baggout has an assortment of top merchandise obtainable online that are liked and bought by your friends. The mission and idea of the platform is to take control away from marketers of corporates and provide it into the hands of genuine customers like you and me. The website is a one stop shop for buying merchandise which are accessible across all e-commerce platforms.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe

If you go crazy for peanut butter, chances are good that you may become a fan of Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe. Prepare this soft treat that melts in your mouth and is not difficult and will allow you to entertain and amaze sudden guests. This fudge is perfect to accompany a black coffee in the morning, with a charge of energy, or to be offered with an afternoon tea or a great Christmas gift.


Chinese Lunar New Year

The Spring Festival or Lunar New Year literally the agricultural New Year and in the West generally known as Chinese New Year, is one of the most important festivities among traditional Chinese, and celebrates precisely the start of the new year according to the Chinese calendar. As well as, of course, in China, the festival is celebrated in many countries of Far East, in particular Korea, Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan, Vietnam where it is called Tet Nguyen Dan and Japan where it was a feast official until 1873 and also in the countless Chinese communities all over the world.