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Travel in Las Vegas

The departure to Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps, the capital of entertainment, shopping and gambling, start from the JFK International Airport in New York and then moving to the second terminal for the flight to Las Vegas. We take a taxi ride to the hotel with large rooms with every comfort, soundproof glass window, overlooking the city, and ultimately was a good choice.

We decide to leave immediately to the assault of this sprawling city, right from Bellagio, which is a quiet and secluded location, yet only a few steps away from the great animation. We decide to go to the Downtown, in the heart of the old LV. Fremont street is the pedestrianized artery where there is the history of the city's first casino.

Despite being only late morning, the area is already crowded with tourists who are intrigued by the many attractions, from the sellers to the impersonator of famous artists who pose for a photo at a cost of a few dollars. It was, and is still a mecca for gamblers. Las …
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The Earth Hour

Earth Hour is an international event created and managed by the WWF that aims to draw attention to the urgent need for action on climate change in progress using a simple but concrete gesture to switch off the light for a hour on the appointed day. The energy savings that has the effect of lower emissions carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas is quite symbolic but is intended to raise attention to the issue of climate change.

The event is also aimed at reducing the light pollution and in 2008 coincided with the beginning of National Dark Sky Week in the United States. In 2014 the global event involved 7,000 cities in 163 countries joined by two billion people.

Earth Hour has received the support of the search engine Google. From noon on 29 March 2008 to the end of the day, the homepage of Google in the United States, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom was made on black. The phrase that could be read on the screen was "We've turned the lights out. Now it's your turn…

New York Travel Tips

New York City, often called the center of the universe, exudes energy, ambition and desire to live from every angle. This is not the usual post on NYC where we dwell to speak of the beauty of this metropolis, with its skyscrapers, Lady Liberty and Fifth Avenue shopping. That's New York City that everyone can see, made ​​of buildings and roads, but THIS will read now was my NYC.

Beyond my personal experience, a memory that I will keep forever and that certainly in the future will push me to get back in the Big City, I decided to write this blog update, not so much to illustrate my trip, but to give some personal advice to anyone who will decide in the future to organize a trip to NY.

Especially for those who, like me, will stay in town for only a week, and in fact, it is crucial to be prepared and be able to take advantage of every possible moment, to cushion the most of the dead time, if you know already know how to move.

A few days ago I returned from a week's holiday in New…

Google Domains officially launched in India, UK and Canada

Google Domains is a service that allows you to register your domain through Google's servers. After a phase of private testing, with a few select companies, here's the beta testing that has launched throughout the United States, India, UK and Canada. Currently Google Domains is still in the testing phase and, as previously happened with other services, it is accessible by invitation only in other countries or need a credit card with US billing address.

In the summer of 2014, Google surprised everyone by entering the web domains market. Now it's official and the big companies are trembling. It is because with the power of Google, the registration of a domain could become much more easy.

Google has already made clear in the summer of 2014 some details that enrich the promotions of the domains. Here are the services that will be definitely linked to the Google Domains. Until now, in fact, Google offered the chance to have an email address (Gmail), as well as advanced tools f…

Travel through the land of tango to Argentina and Patagonia

It's been almost a year since our trip to Argentina and is one of my best travel memories. Think about what is associated with the word Argentina and you'll understand why this has always been a fabulous destination. From the tango to football, ​​pampas and gauchos, the Andes and Patagonia, it would be enough classics to have an irresistible mix.

It was a journey that lasted nearly a month and was a DIY trip to Argentina, completely organized by us, from the purchase of the flight tickets to the itinerary design, created after hours of reading guides and travel blogs. The great thing, though, is the continuing discoveries in the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires or along roads that meander between the Andes, not to mention the majestic, wild and unusual settings for many travelers of Tierra del Fuego, where you will have more of a reason to redefine your concept of wonder. Not to mention that each month of the year is perfect for great experiences with outdoor activities, nature …

Travel between Christmas Markets, Castles & Almond trees in Germany and Berlin

We decide to go to Germany almost by chance, intrigued by this place that we had never visited and that seemed so different from the others. After browsing a few pages of our guide we realize we've made the right choice and we spend a month for visiting the tourist attractions and the most interesting places. Probably because it was the destination of my first trip alone, the trip after reaching maturity.

If I think it's been longer than a decade from the first time I embarked on an adventure by myself, without the dictats of mum and dad, I cannot believe it and yet it was the first in a long series of trips to discover the world in which I was the one who planned my routes, breaks, fun things to do in berlin at night, dates and perhaps that's why Berlin will always have a special place in my heart.

What to do in Berlin in 3 days

We start early in the morning and this allows us to arrive at the hotel in time for lunch. We leave our bags and we dive immediately into the cha…