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Matcha Green Tea Powder Review

You know, I once hated green tea. I could not understand what everyone saw in it, with its bitter taste, awful smell that promised no stimulating effect. I decided to give it a second chance and bought loose green tea from a shop. I followed all the rules when preparing green tea and started liking it slowly! The next day I excitedly ran back to the store and bought all sorts of other species for which my nose sniffed a pleasant scent.

From then on I was so fond of Green tea, that I started to try and buy higher quality and better species, until I hit the one in which my journey stopped and reached the highest degree. I had to hit one, whose name I have from the beginning or could not pronounce. It's Matcha Tea.

Some may know it, others may not know it until now. I am glad I found it in a small shop which will now stay with me forever. And if you would like to read more of it with a lot of interesting information and also to find out where you can buy this tea, I suggest you visit this page today of Dream Matcha. Let's start first few details about the actual tea.

Matcha is a kind of green tea, which is ground to a fine green powder with interesting flavors and contains a strong group of antioxidants, which are known as catechins. Even matcha contains much higher levels of antioxidants than are found in other foods such as pomegranates or blueberries.

Matcha is 100% green tea from Japan, which is ground to a fine powder and during its production no fermentation is done and no colorants, additives or preservatives are added. The biggest surprise for me was that Matcha only grows in shaded boxes. Four weeks before the harvest, the field is completely covered and the tea finds itself in complete darkness and begins to produce chlorophyll. This creates a typical emerald green Matcha tea.

After the harvest, the leaves are steamed with hot steam prevents fermentation and ensure that all the nutrients remain in the tea. Then the tea is kept in sheets and dried before being ground using granite mills into a fine powder. Amazing, huh?

One serving of Matcha tea is worth 10 cups of plain green tea while two servings of Matcha tea a day will ensure sufficient intake of antioxidants. When drinking this tea additionally you consume the entire tea leaf, which is one of the reasons why Matcha is 10 times stronger than a typical cup of green tea.

Matcha supports your body's ability to burn food four times faster and helps reduce cholesterol and blood sugar as also calms the mind and improves concentration. Drinking this tea can deliver the required dose of energy and is very suitable to replace the classical coffee with it. And nutrients contained in this tea provide a gradual release of energy for 3-6 hours while coffee culminates stimulatory effects sometime till 30-45 minutes. And so I could go on and on. It's with the mind and not really a fantasy. I can confirm it myself.

You know that feeling when your morning alarm rings, and you do not want to get out of bed? You get to work half asleep and ideally would want to have a nap? But with Matcha this can be a thing of the past. I also found that now I ate much more than before drinking green tea but my weight is still being at the same value. That's why I started calling it a green miracle. For me it really is a miracle.

One thing Matcha draw attention is its aroma and flavor. With Matcha you can even cook and bake . You can add it to the various types of cakes, unbaked goodies and other sweet creations. This article I decided to write purely on my own initiative. I wanted to get acquainted with this tea and entice you to a true delicacy, which is definitely worth a try.

Before I had it at home, I really had no idea of how many possibilities using this tea has and what a miracle it is. Believe me, with this that conjure up much more than just a cup of afternoon tea. When I came across so many interesting possibilities for use, I decided a little experiment. Before the first experiment, I bet the simplest possible preparation is in the form of a classic tea.

Even here, however, you have plenty of options as you can do it in cold or warm variation, by adding milk, lime or other syrups to sweeten it. If you want hot tea, I recommend using a small bamboo whisk which comes with it. I tried to mix it into a fruit protein smoothie. In a blender I put banana, strawberry, vanilla and a bit of milk protein and I added Matcha Tea and put it even in oatmeal. So I made a delicious breakfast in Green!

In summary, this tea just got me and I'm glad I found it. With the effects of what it has you can really consider it as superfood. I also like that it is nicely packaged in small boxes which is really convenient.  I personally really like it, and it's not a classic herbal tea, where you sprinkle herbs and strain and then drink. Preparing Matcha tea is very comfortable and easy. And it tastes really great. In addition, all those positive effects, what more could you want.

Well, now I can not even imagine a morning without it. It does not exactly come cheap, but for the quality and taste, it is definitely worth it.


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