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5 Tips & Natural Remedies Against Bad Smells in the House

Natural Remedies Bad Smells House

The odour may be hidden in various parts of our house in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the rooms more humid, or near the litter of our pets. That's why every good housewife always crazy to try to eliminate odours from the home. On what are the causes that lead to the formation of bad odours and the rooms or the appliances to be treated, there are several natural remedies that can help us solve this problem. Baking soda, coffee, lemon can become our best allies in the battle against bad smells.

The odour of the kitchen can be both from home appliances, such as refrigerators and dishwashers, which from what we cook. Take, for example, when we cook the broccoli or cabbage. In this case, we can put on the lid during cooking, a cotton ball soaked in vinegar, or add to cooking a piece of stale bread which will help to absorb odours.

As for frying, there are those who suggest adding a lemon peel in a separate pan with oil before you start frying. Or, cut and dip an apple in the oil. The last alternative is to boil in a separate pot, while cooking your food, water and vinegar. The evaporated solution absorbs odours.

As for appliances, however, your best friends could be coffee, to be put in a glass in the refrigerator to deodorize it inside. The refrigerator is definitely a great problem as to odours for moisture that accumulates, combined with dirt, bacteria and smells of food, which sometimes makes us swoon when we open the door. The most common remedies are those involving the use of a glass of vinegar or baking soda in the corner of the refrigerator. Baking soda, in fact, has the power to absorb odours and eliminate them. To eliminate the smell of melon from the refrigerator we must keep for at least one night a peeled potato on a shelf of the refrigerator. Still, you can put a bowl of milk in the fridge. If the smell is persistent, you have to change it often.

To remove odours from chopping board just wipe the cutting board with a cut lemon and wash it with water. Always allow it to dry thoroughly. To eliminate the smell of chicken from dishes, the lemon is miraculous. Rub it on the plate or on the dishes during washing. To remove the smell from knives, pass them several times in a carrot.

In the rooms, bad smells can come from old furniture, mothballs, shoes, closets. For the closet, you can use orange peel to which you have added cloves, or lavender. Just mix warm water, baking soda and a cup of vinegar, to get an accurate floor cleaning, in the event that it is stained by a pet.

If the bad smell comes from shoes, other than putting them out the window, you can solve the problem with many other natural solutions, such as baking soda or a solution of water and vinegar. Having said so, it may seem strange, but the sheets of newspaper can be one of our important allies in the battle against the bad odours of shoes. If your shoes are wet or are wet, remove them once you return home and let them dry thoroughly. Inside, place a crumpled newspaper: absorb moisture from the shoe.

In the Bathroom the bad odours depend on the humidity accumulated in tubs and showers, clothes hanging from inside, from drains. Be sure to make adequate cleaning and drying of shower and bath, adding if it is the case of apple vinegar. Same thing you might want to do in your exhaust.

For the toilet, make a solution of vinegar and lemon and sprinkle the edges of the cabinet and inside. Let it sit a few minutes and then rinse. At the edges, you might even think of using a solution of warm water and baking soda, rub by using the mop to remove dirt and disinfect the interiors.

The balls of expanded clay can be very useful for absorbing odours of garbage cans. Use them to cover the bottom of your container. Obviously, when you can, always clean it carefully removing stains and dirt.

Even your shoe racks located in different parts of the house, may give bad odour. In this case, you'll need a glass with baking soda, to store in them. It should be enough to absorb most of the bad smell. If possible, then treat more problematic shoes, individually with the advice that we have listed above.

There are several ways to deodorize the house naturally. Remember, in general, water and baking soda or vinegar and water have an immediate degreasing and sanitizing effect. In some cases, essential oils can be useful, if added to the solutions just seen in the daily cleaning. The environments in which we live is our business card, which tells the others a lot about our habits, our way of being.


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