One Summer Evening of Music, Dance, & Entertainment

With Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda the possibilities are endless and what better than enjoying an evening faraway from the summer heat in the hills of Shimla in the Mall square where we can live the atmosphere of the hills with melodies alternate between romantic sweet songs and fast track music of great impact, highlighting the harmony and the virtuosity of Anushka Manchanda’s magical voice contributing with intense solos, while the sensational moves of Allu Arjun are the natural counterpoint to the deep voice of Anushka.

By lacerating contradictions, from the deep gap between tradition and progress, however, where love and human relationships thrive, will have a key role in the eclectic atmosphere of the place. Through just that mix of tradition and modernity, of Indian rhythms and Western bases, will be the key to their success, mainly due to the energy that can release in their every performance, and the audience involvement in a colourful swirl of music, dance and song for hours in high voltage.

The duo will then replicate and launch the music in a show encompassing formula with a unique, strong and powerful performance, which refers to the time when the live performances represented the musical accompaniment of a whole nation and thanks to consistently brilliant and exciting performance has meant that this talented duo did not remain confined within the boundaries of his country, but earned worldwide fame.

Lead hero of numerous southern telugu films, Allu Arjun has a masterful improvisation and a brilliant virtuosity that has its roots in a formidable knowledge of the style icon of the modern generation, while Anushka Manchanda is considered one of the components of the movement of the modern day music, who has made a unique contribution to the fusion of western and Indian music, as evidenced by the many recordings and performances. 

The duo will be able to transform the ensemble performance in incredible percussive movements capable of complex rhythmic and melodic structures, guided by their irresistible charisma and mastery of rhythms that sets them apart, in a refined flow of notes. 

Allu Arjun with his medley of dances will step in as different characters, changing the mask from time to time through a graceful sequence of movements as Anushka swoon love ballads and will show the virtuosity and energy of the young dancer who plays her. 

The Mall square will present a spectacular setting, amidst airy furnishings, glittering costumes and old tools characteristic of nomadic ethnic groups that, for centuries, living on the edge of the hills as the duo intertwine their performance creating an unusual harmony that combines two traditions, shaping the look and gesture in an introduction to poetry on the theme of the story of love and legendary as well as profane songs in during seasonal festivals and family celebrations, and religious songs. 

Accompanied by the rhythms of the drum, guitar and melodic voice of Anushka, the young dancer Allu will dance his way through, whose evolutions evoke the long journey of the people and seem to announce the fate of the youngsters, devoted to dance like the god Shiva, calling the move of wandering cosmic amidst whirling rhythms, in a striking finale, that will fascinate young and old.

The music and dance will create an impression of extraordinary intensity and romantic ardour when performed by the duo in exquisite detail, elegance and delicate arpeggio performing different compositions, characterized by a certain virtuosity, eerie, obsessive and disturbing, in short repetitive phrases thrown from a single cell of triplets, while the hands are correlated in poetic moments, with steps full of freshness and lyricism, touched by disturbing shadows which then continue in ever more colour, and go beyond the limits of tonality developing a style based on the overlap of the harmony. 

Anushka will open new perspectives to the music of the twenty first century with her compositions, and their unbridled chromaticism, reach the outer limits of the traditional tonal system and point the way to an ever more free rendition which as a result her music will take a distinctly innovative prelude to the tones who try to push the limits of sound density and the expressive possibilities of music to create an atmosphere of ecstasy and aesthetics. 

In their performance not only the sound paroxysms and psychology will be very accentuated, but also the harmonies will be more dense and complex interspersed with a rumbling arpeggio. At this intensity and harmonic drives will be opposed two melodic ideas, a whole sweetness and sensuality, while the other is a short grainy arpeggio that later come alive and are interspersed with agreements that glide chromatically. 

It follows a part for development in which the songs are presented in a different order and according to another hierarchy which is the start of a prodigious ballet in which successive imitations, acceleration, flights, relapse that does not exclude the seductive melody, or the freshness, despite the momentary renunciation of all expression too subjective. 

The sonata will end with a dance in which Allu’s moves adopts a wise and rigorous sequence, while Anushka’s magical voice echo in the hills. 

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