Travel in Mexico to the land of the Maya

Mexico embodies a spicy and fiery passion for la vida, a bit as her chiles, jalapeƱos and tequila. This spirit is found everywhere, in art, music, history and culture, but also in the way Mexicans enjoy a sense of everyday life. Being contaminated by their wonderful way of being and to discover the attractions of the country is an experience not to be missed, one of those that cannot be missed in the list of winners of globetrotters.

It's difficult to decide to book a trip to Mexico and then not be fascinated, with an amazing feeling and a unique experience that is hard to describe. Yes we are talking about the places, the wonderful sunny beaches, the warm friendly people as also of the cultural wealth and the well known historical aura surrounding this land is to be discovered.

We are of course referring to the Maya and the Aztecs, two populations that have really left their mark permanently in our human history. For completeness sake we will say that the first inhabitants of Me…

Narkel Naru: Coconut Ladoo Recipe

Narkel Naru Coconut Ladoo Recipe

Coconut Ladoo is an easy to make delicious sweet recipe. Instead of icing sugar, you can pulverize the raw cane sugar in the coffee grinder and experience the difference. Instead of hazelnuts you can use coconut flour. I will also make a little dough, to give a bit freshness to this fantastic sweet, but very dense.

Laddu is the name of a cake shaped like a ball. In fact, the etymology is from Sanskrit ladduka. These sweet balls will melt in your mouth, prepared generally during festivals like Lakshmi Puja and Diwali and special occasions. The laado can be made both of coconut or besan gram flour or other savouries.

This mixed version is a bit less typical but also less tedious and more interesting. The laddus are traditional Indian sweets, prepared to celebrate festivals or special occasions, such as weddings. In addition to the goodness of their flavor, simplicity of their preparation has positively influenced the enormous popularity.

Among my various experiments, I also replaced the traditional butter with that clarified butter that you can make at home or buy at the supermarket or health food store. The result is a laddu more creamy and soft, golden brown, as indicated in the recipe. With the traditional butter I've always had trouble getting a well-aggregate mixture: it becomes very clear and crumbly.

In this form, the only alternative has always been to put it in a mold and cut into cubes, which I invariably come apart. With Ghee or clarified butter instead, I could fill my cups that cools, have reached a consistency more appetizing.

Prep Time: 30 mins ♥ Cook Time: 10 mins ♥ Total Time: 40 mins ♥ Yield: 4 servings

Nutrition facts per 100 gms: 180 calories, 4.6 grams fat


4 cups coconut
1 cup jaggery
1 tsp cardamom
6 cups milk

Recipe Method:

Take milk in a pan and reduce to half the volume. Add the grated coconut and keep stirring. Add the jaggery or sugar and cardamom and continue cooking on low heat stirring frequently. Keep stirring till the milk almost dries up and the coconut mix becomes sticky and comes out clean from the sides. Don't dry it too much.

Take the pan off the heat and cool slightly. When mix is still warm to touch, make balls by rolling between your palms.

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Amelia said…
Hi Kaylan, I have not eaten this but anything with coconut sure finger licking good. ;)

Have a nice week ahead.
Max Coutinho said…
Hi K!

I love narkel naru: we make them a lot at home (usually to celebrate the New Year). It is deliciousss!

Max Coutinho said…
Hey Kalyan,

I see you re-posted this recipe. Ladoos are delicious and very familiar to me, as per my 2012 comment :).


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