Quick and Easy Microwave Recipes

Discover hundreds of recipes tasty, quick and easy to prepare dedicated to the various ways of cooking in a microwave of starters, main courses and desserts from every corner of the world, for a fast and dynamic method of cooking.

Initially, the considerations on the use of this appliance have been quite critical. It was considered in fact, more than anything else , as a kind of relief in cases of emergency. Fortunately, things have changed, more accurate and comprehensive information has made sure that the microwave is considered a useful tool for a modern and efficient kitchen.

Firstly, the typical method of cooking of the food is due to the heating effect of the microwave that has as a consequence , compared to traditional systems , the great speed of cooking. This feature, if it has made ​​possible great advantages such as thawing food in a matter of minutes to cook them immediately , has a little ' overshadowed other enormous potential. How, for example , the preparation of delicious meals in a short time and without the penalty of flavors.

Another criticism of the kitchen microwave oven was to bake at temperatures too moderate for certain types of foods such as cakes, pizza or meat browned. This limit is now largely overcome thanks to devices such combination. Ovens are integrated with the grill function, allowing you to make crisp the surface of food that require it.

Some things to keep in mind regarding the materials of the containers in which the food is cooked . You must use pans or pyrex glass, glazed earthenware , porcelain or ceramic undecorated . Even better, disposable plastic containers , checking that indicate stamped the initials PP polypropylene, you will also avoid the trouble of washing them. Another caution to remember is to always cook in covered container.

In the present, it is widely accepted that this appliance is extremely practical and effective. If you have little time to devote to preparing meals, it's a perfect resolution. But the factor that most need to think is that you can get all kinds of great dishes, appetizers, main courses and desserts, without losing anything in terms of flavor and quality.

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