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Zootopia Review

Zootopia wallpaper

Zootropolis or Zootopia was the 55th Classic Disney animated film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and is the third in which the protagonists are anthropomorphic animals, where appears no human being with the other two were Robin Hood (1973), and Chicken Little (2005).

The film was shot in computer graphics and is set in the city of Zootropolis, as it combines different types of anthropomorphic animals that walk on two legs, speak, think and do work of any kind. The film's characters are a fox and a rabbit and the story is built like a detective story there is someone to find, you have to put together the clues and you have to do it in no time.

Critics who have already seen it on the contrary have spoken quite well and Metascore of Zootropolis, done by aggregating the reviews of the major film critics, is 76 of 100.

In Zootropolis there are no predators and prey and the animals live together with each other in a civil manner, profitable and generally peaceful. Zootropolis, where there are, for example, the Sahara and Tundratown Square is not the ideal city but it's still a nice place. A place where the main character the rabbit Judy can for example be able to become a police officer, despite being "just a Bunny campaign" and does not have a very impressive size.

Having been well received in the police force Zootropolis by Mayor Leodore Lionheart (a lion), Judy is sent to work for the director of the city police department: Bogo (a buffalo). Bogo has little Judy esteem and sent to direct traffic. Taking what little interesting work Judy went just to know Nick, a cunning fox and expert in scams. The two do not like and do not get along but are having to work in some kind of investigation into the mysterious disappearance of some animals Zootropolis.

Judy has to solve the survey because otherwise it will be fired from Bogo, Nick helps because it has the "right contacts" and why Judy blackmails him: she knows little of the lawful activities of Nick and threatens to make it known to the proper authorities. IMDb explains that in their survey Nick and Judy face "daring escapes, chases, explosions, battles and acrobatics through four distinct environments: rural, town, snow-capped peaks and tropical forest.

Zootropolis is in its way a detective. But it is also a comedy and a film both for its history and for his jokes might like both parents and their children. According to most critics, there is nothing too impressive or complex for a child, but there are not even weft shortcuts and topics that could be boring adult. A good test to see what kind of film is Zootropolis is the trailer with the now quite famous scene of sloths, which in recent months has turned a lot online. Even in Zootropolis sloths are slow and work at the post office, which will cause problems for those in a hurry.

The film is directed by three directors: Byron Howard, Rich Moore and Jared Bush. Howard directed Rapunzel - The plot of the tower, Moore has directed Wreck-It Ralph, and Bush is in his first directing. As often it happens in the animated film the characters' voices are those of important voice actors and, in some cases, of important actors or singers. Judy English voice is that of Ginnifer Goodwin, the actress who plays Vivian Cash in When the Walk the Line - Walk the Line. Nick's voice is that US actor Jason Bateman.

In the English version we hear the voices of Idris Elba (Bogo), JK Simmons (the mayor Leodore Lionheart) and Shakira, who gives voice to the pop star Gazelle. Among the various adult references in Zootropolis there is also a scene that mentions the time at the beginning of The Godfather where, on the day of his daughter's wedding, Vito Corleone sit in chair listening to requests for favors of various kinds.

Some US sites have noticed how Nick looks a lot like the foxes protagonists of Robin Hood by Disney in 1973 and Variety writes that Howard, one of the directors, spoke of how the movie of his favorite animated film. IMDB instead explains that at Nick would have been much more protagonist of the film and that Judy had been expected a more secondary role.

The production of the film changed his mind, however, preferring a female protagonist. It was then that Moore went into the project, especially to deal with the history of the changes. The final version of Zootropolis, also available in 3D lasts 108 minutes and makes the film the second Classic Disney longest ever, after Fantasia.


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