Saturday, August 22, 2015

Onam Sadya Recipes

Born in Kerala as a party for the new harvest, to celebrate the first month of the calendar of Kerala, which is between late August and early September, today Onam celebration has turned into welfare. They open the wallet to buy all sorts of gifts, there are special sales and commercially is the time of the launch of new products. Onam passionately involves everyone, women and children, young and old, of any creed and religion.

The huge mimosa trees that line the main streets of the city of Trivandrum light of millions of colored lights, like so many huge Christmas trees and the heart becomes again a child. These days nothing is to be poor. Not even the joy and enthusiasm for the festival, which are contagious and electrify the air.

Onam Sadya is an indispensable part of the celebrations of Onam. Onasadya is served on leaf plates available of course plantain. Its almost impossible to use a spoon or forks to eat onasadya. Onasadya gives an idea of the traditional Kerala cuisine.On banana leaves, there will be at least 15 vegetarian side dishes served with hot rice. It's very fun to see how simple and easy to prepare the cuisine of Kerala with readily available vegetables.

The main outlines of onasadya are Pappadam, the snacky thick paper swollen in hot coconut oil, pickles made with lime, mango, ginger, garlic, banana chips, thoran of various kinds, avial mixed vegetables cooked with a little water, olan, kalan, pachady preparation cucumber, almost sweet, kichadi, parippu, first main curry, sambar curry for second portion of rice, rasam, pulissery, moru spiced buttermilk and payasam. Puddings or cakes called payasam pradhaman. The last three elements are meant to get a proper digestion of the elements of onasadya.

After a night dedicated to the preparation of the petals and the morning to the creation of athapoo you hear the first beats of drums and cymbals. The air smells of incense and flowers, are especially jasmine in the hair of women in traditional dress to emanate a smell fresh and clean as the soul that is going with a renewed innocence to start a new year. After the ceremony with fire and the typical products of this land Coconut Island, the charming seaside resort greeted by the movements gangly man tiger, pulikali.

Girls team gives us the traditional dance of female Onam the thiruvathirakali. Once past the initial fear moves in a circle reading, oblivious of the extra hours spent in the office every week to learn the steps. Suddenly arrives majestic and regal the legendary Mahabali, who bestows blessings and smiles. His arrival is greeted by drums and by the shouting of the victorious team upperi.

In the afternoon there will be games in fact organized by a special committee volunteer. The different teams will compete in a series of races, fun and engaging. The crowd was fierce and there are clashes and appeals to the judges. The game is taken very seriously, computer engineers and developers in these parts knows definitely a kid again!

The first rule to be able to play well is to have a full stomach. Its time for lunch and we sit down at the table to enjoy the moment centerpiece of the festival the onasadya, the traditional meal consists of at least 11 food and served on banana leaves. The food is delicious and the sweet finale, the payasam made ​​with boiled milk, sugar cane and rice is delicious. Of course there are forks and spoons on the table, the food must be rigorously sampled directly from the hands.

The day comes to an end in the evening with the characteristic game of Onam, the tug of war. The boys are faced with a lot of seriousness, becoming determined warriors. The female urges supporters to victory. This is a solemn moment, where strength and teamwork are put to the test. The occasion will engage even a referee and two assistants outside. You get to the final with some wounded and forced to retire at the end of the coveted trophy, a bunch of bananas, is delivered to the winning team!


elengenesseajm said...

I loved reading about the festival and the elaborate meal prepared. The food looks amazing!

P.N. Subramanian said...

The sadhya was quite grand. You have shown other dishes like Idli, Vada, Dosa, Idiappam, Puttu etc. Brief particulars could have gone with them. Ela Ada is not there?