Friday, September 14, 2012

Radha Krishna: Eternal Lovers

Krishna Janmashtami and Radha Ashtami is a very important festival in the Hindu culture. This festival is celebrated on the birthday of Lord Krishna every year on the 7th day after the full moon of the month of Bhadra (August or September). According to Hindu mythology, Krishna was born at midnight in a prison where his maternal uncle Kansa had imprisoned his parents.

The most auspicious time for the festivities at midnight to sing and pray for the coming of the little god Balgopal. Generally, however, since the morning, the puja begins with bathing statue and collisions with ghee and scented water. For the occasion, the statue is decorated with the little dresses rich garments and precious jewels. Offerings are made ​​of various kinds of fruit, pastries, milk, flowers and incense and mantra are recited containing the 108 names of God, including that of Gopal.

The women wear traditional rituals bracelets, strictly red, along with a pendant that depicts the God. The women, as gopis, sing Narayan, Narayan and Gopal, Gopal. The auspicious colour for the day is yellow.

Lord Krishna enchants the world, but Radha Krishna enchants with a single glance. Radha Krishna is the individual soul and the universal soul. Special prayers and pooja are held in temples dedicated to shree Krishna. The relationship between Radha and Krishna symbolizes the unique relationship between God and man. Radha's desire for union with his beloved Krishna is the soul yearning for spiritual awakening. Actually Radha Krishna meditating we realize that there is an individual soul is the soul of Radha and Krishna as Krishna is the life of Vraj.

Radha with Krishna there, not without Krishna. Radha is Krishna. Radha was the daughter of Vrishbhanu and Kirtikumari Lakshmiji, who in their previous life had received a promise from Lord Brahma that era Dwapar Shri Lakshmi would be reborn and that he would incarnate as their daughter in the form of Radha. And so it was, Radha was born about 5000 years ago in Barsana, near Mathura.

Devarshi Narad saw the newborn baby said to Vrishbhanu that her beauty was divine in nature and as such had to be increased. Wherever his feet will stop the Lord Narayan with all other deities will reside therein. One year during the festival of Holi, Vrishbanu went to Gokul where Krishna lived in that day and in that place meets Radha, the first meeting of their divine union that become eternal. Radha's origins are obscure. did not you talk to her in the Bhagavatam Srima d either in the Mahabharata, only Brahmavaivarta Purana, composed later cite as the consort Radha Krishna in the celestial sphere called Golok, intended due to a curse to be reborn on earth as gopis here and reunite with Krishna.

Radha is recognized as the supreme deity of Krishna which he controls with his love and the perfect spiritual life is unattainable without his grace. She is the source of all manifestations of cosmic energy or female Shakti, because Krishna is the source of all manifestations of God. Every human being is in constant search for peace and happiness, and since you do not know how to find them, they are looking through the possession of material objects and the satisfaction of the senses.

But it is only through total devotion to the divine is experienced intimately infinite peace and happiness. Sri Krishna says in the Bhagavad Purana. The mind that constantly contemplates sense objects is irresistibly to revel in the joys of their finished products, and the mind- learn constantly remember me is to dissolve into me and revel in me. Radha represents this state of devotion and the subsequent merger with the Lord. The maha-mantra is a prayer to Shri Radha, to engage with us in honoring Lord Krishna his wife.

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