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Radha Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami and Radha Ashtami is a very important festival in the Hindu culture. This festival is celebrated on the birthday of Lord Krishna every year on the 7th day after the full moon of the month of Bhadra August or September. According to Hindu mythology, Krishna was born at midnight in a prison where his maternal uncle Kansa had imprisoned his parents.

The most auspicious time for the festivities at midnight to sing and pray for the coming of the little god Balgopal. Generally, however, since the morning, the puja begins with bathing statue and collisions with ghee and scented water. For the occasion, the statue is decorated with the little dresses rich garments and precious jewels. Offerings are made ​​of various kinds of fruit, pastries, milk, flowers and incense and mantra are recited containing the 108 names of God, including that of Gopal. The women wear traditional rituals bracelets, strictly red, along with a pendant that depicts the God. The women, as gopis, sing Narayan, Narayan and Gopal, Gopal. The auspicious colour for the day is yellow.

Lord Krishna enchants the world, but Radha Krishna enchants with a single glance. Radha Krishna is the individual soul and the universal soul. Special prayers and pooja are held in temples dedicated to shri Krishna. The relationship between Radha and Krishna symbolizes the unique relationship between God and man. Radha's desire for union with his beloved Krishna is the soul yearning for spiritual awakening. Actually Radha Krishna meditating we realize that there is an individual soul is the soul of Radha and Krishna as Krishna is the life of Vraj.

Radha with Krishna there, not without Krishna. Radha is Krishna. Radha was the daughter of Vrishbhanu and Kirti Kumari Lakshmiji, who in their previous life had received a promise from Lord Brahma that era Dwapar Shri Lakshmi would be reborn and that he would incarnate as their daughter in the form of Radha. And so it was, Radha was born about 5000 years ago in Barsana, near Mathura.

Devarshi Narad saw the newborn baby said to Vrishbhanu that her beauty was divine in nature and as such had to be increased. Wherever his feet will stop the Lord Narayan with all other deities will reside therein. One year during the festival of Holi, Vrishbhanu went to Gokul where Krishna lived in that day and in that place meets Radha, the first meeting of their divine union that become eternal. Radha's origins are obscure. did not you talk to her in the Bhagavatam Srimad either in the Mahabharata, only Brahma Vaivarta Purana, composed later cite as the consort Radha Krishna in the celestial sphere called Golok, intended due to a curse to be reborn on earth as gopis here and reunite with Krishna.

Radha is recognized as the supreme deity of Krishna which he controls with his love and the perfect spiritual life is unattainable without his grace. She is the source of all manifestations of cosmic energy or female Shakti, because Krishna is the source of all manifestations of God. Every human being is in constant search for peace and happiness, and since you do not know how to find them, they are looking through the possession of material objects and the satisfaction of the senses.

But it is only through total devotion to the divine is experienced intimately infinite peace and happiness. Sri Krishna says in the Bhagavata Purana. The mind that constantly contemplates sense objects is irresistibly to revel in the joys of their finished products, and the mind learn constantly remember me is to dissolve into me and revel in me. Radha represents this state of devotion and the subsequent merger with the Lord. The maha-mantra is a prayer to Shri Radha, to engage with us in honoring Lord Krishna his wife.

Krishna was born about 7000 years ago, the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudeva and prince of the royal family of Mathura. At the time of His birth, His parents were in prison because, according to a prediction of the time, the ruler of Mathura, Kamsa, he would have died at the hands of one of the sons of Devaki, his cousin.

Kamsa, therefore, he imprisoned Devaki and Vasudeva and kill all the male children immediately after their birth. Krishna was born in prison, as his brothers before him The guards had the specific task of watching in order to advise the sovereign at the time of His birth so that if the baby was male, could be killed immediately.

At the moment he was born Krishna, the chains of the prison that bound his father fell, the gates were opened which had been boarded up and the guards were immersed in an ocean of bliss so that they could not identify any events or anything of the material world. The birth of God in our hearts and in our awakened consciousness drops the veil of illusions, attachments and identifications, and we can see, live and manifest the true Supreme Reality.

The father of Krishna, Vasudeva , following the instructions in the inner voice placed the baby in a basket on his head and carried him across the river Yamuna , which is divided to let them pass. Vasudeva came to Gokul , in the house of Nanda and Yasoda, a pair of godly pastors to God where the woman had just given birth to a daughter. Vasudeva took the child and put the Lord to its place.

The girl who takes the place of Krishna is maya shakti the great divine power of illusion that always accompanies the incarnation of the Lord. As soon as the child was in the bed of Devaki in prison, cried aloud, waking up the guards that reported the birth in Kamsa. Krishna was born in prison, a fact this which teaches us how God incarnates himself present and in the dark and narrow prison of our hearts, so that we can draw light and regain freedom. When Krishna was born in the basement of the mind of man, man is subject.

Krishna was born as the eighth son of Devaki the eighth stage of evolution, along the spiritual path of Ashtanga Yoga is Samadhi . When man attains this state, the Lord entered into his consciousness: the Samadhi is the ability to perceive the reality through the eyes of self consciousness that is awakened; The Samadhi  is the state of awakening consciousness of the human being who recognizes everything that surrounds him as a manifestation of the: identity of essence between me and God; identity of essence between the world and God

Vishnu incarnated on Earth in the figure of Krishna to fulfill his divine duties, as quoted in Bhagavad gita to revive and resurrect the Dharma, peace and prosperity. So Krishna has promised to the man who will save him from poverty, pain, sin and its consequences.

Krishna is the embodiment of Pure Love. He is the one that attracts him to the bliss that arouses in the human heart. The presence of Krishna in one's life is the physical sensation, concrete, friendship and intimacy with God. The Feast of Krishna is the celebration of the discovery of his own divinity within.  It is the discovery of the inner voice that guides us always and forever.

Krishna is God who becomes incarnate, that infinite love is manifested as a human being in order to achieve effectively the human being in his experience. Krishna is the consciousness of God in man, but as Avatar takes the body to enter into the life of a human being in order to guide him and take him with His own example to the realization of their own divinity.  Krishna is God that is installed in the heart of each and every one of us as inner guidance. The festival of Krishna, therefore, is not only the party of God that reaches really and concretely the human being to teach the divine life, but is also the feast of every human being in the evolutionary process of its incarnations becomes God.

In his infinite love, God is incarnated in Krishna quality of attraction and fascination that are, in reality, the power of the divine vibration that captivates the hearts of everyone to us and conveys the consciousness human beyond the limits of his mind and His identification with the body.

Radha or Radharani is the female figure associated with Krishna. Her eyes exceed in beauty the line of attractive ochi bird chakori. He who looks at the face of Radharani despises without hesitation the charm of the moon. The complexion of Radharani exceeds the fineness of gold more pure. In the traditional Vaishnava literature the branch of Hinduism venerate the image of Krishna, who is likened to the sun and Radha the light of the sun. Both exist, but one derived from the other.

At the same time, it is a mistake to believe that one has priority over the other, because as soon as the sun appears, it is its light. More importantly, the sun has no meaning without its rays, its warmth and its light. And heat and light could not exist without the sun. way, the sun and its light co-exist, each of equal importance to the existence of the other. You can tell that they are simultaneously one and different things. Likewise, the relationship between Radha and Krishna is inconceivable identity in difference.

They are, in essence, a single entity (God / Goddess) that manifests as two distinct individuals for the purpose of interpersonal exchange. It is said that "the Lord Krishna attracts all over the world, but even Shri Radha fascinates him. Therefore She is the supreme Goddess. Shri Radha is the full power in particular Radha is the power of pleasure, considered to be the supreme power, while Krishna is the one who shall have full power. Radha and Krishna are one, even though they have taken two different forms to enjoy of their relationship. To enhance the pleasure of the relationship with Krishna, Radha expands into innumerable gopis milkmaids that surround Krishna in His lila entertainment in the village of Vrindavan.

The sun and beautiful and bright in the sky. It did not quite extraordinary for India, but the great thing and a great breeze really rare in these parts, so cool that even being outside in the sun and' almost pleasant. At the Krishna Balaram Mandira the flow of people and constant, unceasing. It's amazing how many people both in India and what are devotional.

Kirtan at the most beautiful temple of Vrindavan and gorgeous and you can not help but dance. Radhastami and good news for the whole world, for mankind confused by always betrayed promises of material nature simply by performing devotional service to Sri Krishna and can get the end more high existence. Patram puspam phlam toyam yo me bhaktya prayaccahati tad aham bhakty upartam asnami prayatatmanah.

Just offer Me a leaf, a flower, fruit or water. If you are offered with love and devotion, I accept it, says Krishna in the Bhagavad gita. Therefore, a simple spiritual principle is this the Supreme Personality of God becomes satisfied only with love. After all what we give to the One who has everything? As a father, what the child can give to his father that he already has not. The act of gift in itself that will give joy to his father. Srimati Radharani and the personification of hladini-sakti, the energy of love of Krishna.

Eternally existent, she and the personification of divine love. Krishna himself, seeing how much you love him how much joy you Radharani revenues from this love, is surprised and sometimes you would be to try these emotions. In the transcendental game infinitely joyful there 'too. For us, the best way to meet Krishna and pass through you, cause no one knows how to love Krishna as Sri Radha. If you offer our service to Krishna, He accepts it for sure. Well they understood the residents of Vrindavana.

They understood so well here are devotees of Radha more than it appears they are of Krishna. This country called Radhe-dhama, the village of Radharani, not Krishna. The place most dear to Krishna and' Radha Kunda, the lake of Radharani. So the secret of bhakti and here to serve Srimati Radharani and become one of the assistants of love games. There is no 'higher position' in the creation of this high. Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura says it well when he writes that the Guru Gopi assists in joyful amusement of Radha and Krishna in the groves of Vrndavana, with the idea of asserting the glory of the spiritual master.

Serving the Guru, the Guru Parampara and as a result, you learn to serve Srimati Radharani, the most glorious of personality, in the more glorious places, Sri Vrindavana Dhama. In this image of transcendental beauty, with Sri Shyama Sundara (Krishna) in the center, Sri Radha on His left, with the Gopis around, served by Manjari, supported by an infinite number of noble souls, there 's also a place for us.

In this realm is absent birth, old age, sickness, death and the infinite variety of material miseries and Radhastami, the day of Radha, the Queen of Vrndavana (Vrindavan Eswari), the daughter of Vrishbhanu (Vrishbhanu Nandini) , the maid of Varshana (Varsha Navali), dear to Krishna (Govinda Nandini), so gorgeous that confuses the mind of Govinda (Govinda Mohini). Its a day dedicated to glorification.

Jhulan yatra means swing and party; the festival of the swing. And the recurrence of a Lila pastimes between Radharani the eternal companion of Krishna and Krishna, the Supreme God, the cause of all causes in which you do push by his devotees on a swing.


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