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Eden Gardens

A world of secrets wrapped in shadows. Magnificent monuments of the colonial era live eternal. In his delirium, the city mirage for millions manifests tolerance and solidarity. A planet that never ceases to amaze. Over a billion people live in India and thirteen million alone in Calcutta. Calcutta is the intellectual cradle of India, as well as the largest city of the British Empire after London. It participated with the impetus jolts of history since 1690, the year of its founding by the British East India Company.

The great thing about India is the passion for cricket. Wherever you have open space you will see children having fun playing cricket with a smile on their face. Sometimes they will use a stick for a bat, just so they can play the game. The streets in India provide a springboard for future talent. However in England many schools no longer play cricket, therefore the game is much less accessible than 20 to 30 years ago. This emphasises the amount of passion for the game in India.

Eden Gardens is the oldest stadium of cricket in India. It is located in Calcutta and was built in 1865. Since its founding to the present day name has changed several times until you reach the current one. It has hosted several important matches of cricket including the final of the World Cup Cricket 1987. Due to its importance is considered to be the Lord's of India. Nearly 100,000 cricket fans sit in the stands of 'Eden Gardens when you play at international tournaments.

The magnificent Cricket stadium is awesome in size and on any given day can accommodate spectators in excess of 100,000 making it one of the biggest cricket stadiums in the world. The vast crowds and their passion for the game is what strikes the most every time you watch a cricket series here. It's not merely a question of players being unable to hear each other, but the atmosphere can be plain intimidating for the visiting side.

In any International cricket game here, first comes the wave of a lakh Indians leaping to their feet, raising their arms to the heavens and shouting in unison. And in day-nighters the shower of fire-crackers and flares in the stands and on the fields in the middle of the game or more precisely throughout the entire game just electrifies the entire atmosphere rolling up newspapers, setting them ablaze and holding them torch like above their heads lightens everyone spectators euphoric cheering hearts.

Eden Garden has a history of its own. The crowd can be sometimes fanatic but also be respectful to those who deserve. The picturesque environs of Eden Gardens, reminiscent of English cricket grounds 30 years ago, blends marvelously with the mellow December sun that heralds a typical Calcutta winter morning. Its a stage setting where the Indian cricket matches that can go on for hours and hours.

Similarly, the Eden Gardens is the perfect place to escape the noise and pollution. The garden is well kept and has beautiful fountains and a Burmese pagoda.

The pearl of the Gulf of Bengal, the city of poets like Tagore Rabindranath and scientists, is surrounded by one of the most fertile regions of India. The climate seems to be the master of the city and the countryside that surrounds it. The Maidan, a word which in Hindi means open space, ventilated green encompasses the Victoria Memorial, Fort William, the St. Paul's Cathedral and the Eden Garden.

And the beautiful face, old and oozing with history.india west indies live score update online watch test series match 


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