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Akshaya Tritiya

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Akshaya Tritiya or Akha Teej is traditionally the birthday of Parashurama, the sixth incarnation of Vishnu and falls on the third day of the bright half of Vaishakh, after the new moon of April or May depending on the year and is considered one of the four most sacred days of the year. The word Akshaya means that which never diminishes, so this day is considered a day of start-up companies and in which purchased valuables are sure to bring luck and success.

Akshaya Tritiya is considered a holy day, one of the holiest of the year, the day of the auspicious and corresponds to the third day after the new moon of the month of Vaishakh, during spring, and is also the birthday of Parashurama, the sixth incarnation of Vishnu. This is the day you buy gold and jewelry.

On this particular day Surya, the sun and Chandra, the moon are both at the peak of their splendour. For this reason it is considered the most perfect day of the year thanks to the influences of nature that is at the peak of its glory and power. Akshaya Tritiya, is the perfect day to start a new life, to start a new business, to buy new clothes and jewellery. A favorable and auspicious day in India is honored with a puja (prayer), ritual usually private, and with celebrations that vary from area to area. On this day indicates a puja to Lakshmi and Vishnu.

Akshaya Tritiya, an auspicious day in the Hindu calendar for buying gold and weddings given the amount of precious metal decorating decolletage and arms of the bride is not hard to see the connection between the two. And every year in the celebration of Akshaya Tritiya, child marriages in certain areas of Rajasthan is the norm.

In India, the legal age for marriage is 18 years for the girl and 21 for a boy, but one thing to have a law, another to enforce it. For this Akshaya Tritiya, the government has issued a circular in which it was ordered to fine and or arrest anyone who took part in a marriage of minor, the priests, musicians, catering included. But the newspapers of the day did not appear after news of arrests.

The dramatic changes of recent decades primarily the widespread diffusion of the technology, the greater distribution of wealth and the increase education not only did not delete the old customs, but on the contrary, they made ​​it feel most needed. Technological progress has not been accompanied by social progress.

The main motivation of child marriages seems, paradoxically, be the technological advances. The parents believe that their children are equipped with phones, internet connections and whatsapp prematurely lose their innocence, that education exposes them dangerously promiscuous as well as providing a good chance for a better future work and marrying them when they are still children is a system practical and effective way to take control sexuality and avoid dangerous puzzle.

The adults grew up in a world that seems to be light years away from that of their children, they resort to traditional ways to feel more confident, to ward off the specter of changes that are not ready to deal with. Meanwhile, the bride and groom children grow, they continue to live with their parents at least until puberty or the age of majority, continue to study, without the worry of having to find him or her and without the hope of being able to choose whom to marry.


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