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IPL 2017 Auction & Schedule

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IPL 2017 of the Indian Premier League or IPL 10 is the tenth edition of this competition in Twenty20 cricket format organized by the BCCI. A championship phase brings together the eight franchises in the league, and the top four teams qualify for semi-finals. The first winner automatically qualify for the final, while another final is held between the first losing team and the second winning team. A total of 56 meetings will take place between 5 April and 14 May 2017.

IPL is broadcast live on Sony Set Max, Sony Six and YouTube, a first in the world of cricket. In IPL 2016, the Sunrisers Hyderabad beat the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the final. As in the previous two editions, eight franchises compete during a championship phase. Each team meets their opponents twice, once at home, once outside.

A win yields two points, a dropped game one point. In the event of a tie at the end of a match, each team fight in a super over, where six balls are made by the same opposing pitcher, and the team to bat has a maximum of three batsmen to score. Winning the super over is tantamount to winning the game.

After the championship, the four best franchises play semi-finals. Compared to IPL 2008, four additional stadiums host meetings with Kanpur, Pune, Rajkot and Indore will be meeting places for Gujarat Lions, Rising Pune Supergiants and Kings XI Punjab. Hyderabad will host the opening game between the Sunrisers Hyderabad and the Royal Challengers Bangalore, while the three semi-finals is yet to be decided. The final will take place in Hyderabad.

Transfers are permitted between December 2016 and January 2017. Only one franchisee benefited as the Delhi Daredevils transfer Mayank Agarwal to Rising Pune Supergiants. Some teams end the contract of some players against financial compensation, to free up places in their teams. The number of non-Indian players is limited to ten per franchise.

The auction of this edition take place on 20 February 2017. The sum of the annual salaries that each team spends on its new recruits cannot exceed 750000 USD. 799 players enroll and 351 are selected to participate. A player is auctioned with a basic annual salary. If only one team has previously shown interest, it can be committed to this base salary. If several franchises want to recruit the same player, there is an auction.

In the event that several franchises propose to spend their entire budget on one and the same player, a new offer is made by secret ballot, without limit. The player is hired with a salary of 750000 USD and the surplus is paid to the organization of IPL.

The England cricketers Ben Stokes and Tymal Mills, both obtain the maximum contracts among the IPL 10 recruits. Other notable bids were for Rashid Khan, Mohammed Siraj, T Natarajan and Karn Sharma. Some players from India's under-19 team are also hired. Outside these, players from Ranji Trophy are recruited by some franchises.

In addition to the broadcasting contracts already in place, IPL signed a contract with Google in January 2010 to broadcast games be via the YouTube website, with a deadline of 5 minutes, and everywhere in the world except the United States.

Here is the full IPL 2017 schedule

April 5, 8 PM: SRH v RCB, Hyderabad

April 6, 8 PM: RPSG v MI, Pune

April 7, 8 PM: GL v KKR, Rajkot

April 8, 4 PM: KXIP v RPSG, Indore
8 PM: RCB v DD, Bengaluru

April 9, 4 PM: SRH v GL, Hyderabad
8 PM: MI v KKR, Mumbai

April 10, 8 PM: KXIP v RCB, Indore

April 11, 8 PM: RPSG v DD, Pune

April 12, 8 PM: MI v SRH, Mumbai

April 13, 8 PM: KKR v KXIP, Kolkata

April 14, 4 PM: RCB v MI, Bengaluru
8 PM: GL v RPSG, Rajkot

April 15, 4 PM: KKR v SRH, Kolkata
8 PM: DD v KXIP, Delhi

April 16, 4 PM: MI v GL, Mumbai
8 PM: RCB v RPSG, Bengaluru

April 17, 4 PM: DD v KKR, Delhi
8 PM: SRH v KXIP, Hyderabad

April 18, 8 PM: GL v RCB, Rajkot

April 19, 8 PM: SRH v DD, Hyderabad

April 20, 8 PM: KXIP v MI, Indore

April 21, 8 PM: KKR v GL, Kolkata

April 22, 4 PM: DD v MI, Delhi
8 PM: RPSG v SRH, Pune

April 23, 4 PM: GL v KXIP, Rajkot
8 PM: KKR v RCB, Kolkata

April 24, 8 PM: MI v RPSG, Mumbai

April 25, 8 PM: RCB v SRH, Bengaluru

April 26, 8 PM: RPSG v KKR, Pune

April 27, 8 PM: RCB v GL, Bengaluru

April 28, 4 PM: KKR v DD, Kolkata
8 PM: KXIP v SRH, Mohali

April 29, 4 PM: RPSG v RCB, Pune
8 PM: GL v MI, Rajkot

April 30, 4 PM: KXIP v DD, Mohali
8 PM: SRH v KKR, Hyderabad

May 1, 4 PM: MI v RCB, Mumbai
8 PM: RPSG v GL, Pune

May 2, 8 PM: DD v SRH, Delhi

May 3, 8 PM: KKR v RPSG, Kolkata

May 4, 8 PM: DD v GL, Delhi

May 5, 8 PM: RCB v KXIP, Bengaluru

May 6, 4 PM: SRH v RPSG, Hyderabad
8 PM: MI v DD, Mumbai

May 7, 4 PM: RCB v KKR, Bengaluru
8 PM: KXIP v GL, Mohali

May 8, 8 PM: SRH v MI, Hyderabad

May 9, 8 PM: KXIP v KKR, Mohali

May 10, 8 PM: GL v DD, Kanpur

May 11, 8 PM: MI v KXIP, Mumbai

May 12, 8 PM: DD v RPSG, Delhi

May 13, 4 PM: GL v SRH, Kanpur
8 PM: KKR v MI, Kolkata

May 14, 4 PM: RPSG v KXIP, Pune
8 PM: DD v RCB, Delhi

May 16, 8 PM: Qualifier 1

May 17, 8 PM: Eliminator

May 19, 8 PM: Qualifier 2

May 21, 8 PM: Final, Hyderabad


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