Traveling Miami, Los Angeles and Coachella

As are many of you asked me about my trip to Coachella, I decided to make this post in which I will tell you about my whole trip. From New York to Miami and then Los Angeles to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Are you ready? My first stop was Miami, where I took the opportunity to enjoy the small beach, walk around the city and do some shopping.

Ocean Drive is one of the most popular and lively areas of Miami, ideal for dinner and a drink. But above all, I had time to relax in the beautiful hotel in Miami. What I like best are the spacious terraces of their rooms overlooking the beach where I always enjoy a little bit of relaxation and good reading. In Miami I also love going to eat Mexican food. They have the best margaritas and ceviche.

After a few days of enjoying Miami, I jump to Los Angeles. There also I took advantage of the sunny days in the charming Santa Monica beach and beautiful sunsets! I finally reached my destination to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

The Coachella festival is characteristic of the Millennial generation for people born from 1980 to 2000. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival takes place in Indio, California in the United States and is frequented by celebrities, influencers, and fashion freaks. They dictate how the young should dress today. One of the key styles is the Bohemian.

It was in 1999 when Pearl Jam could see his dream come true. Its members devised this bourgeois Woodstock, after organizing a concert to protest the monopoly that Ticketmaster have expressed about the music playing in Southern California. But this independent base Coachella ended in the great business we know from its acquisition of AIG (Anschutz Entertainment Group). And that's how the festival brought VIP faces.

Thus, Coachella has managed to maintain a considerable number of masked hippies that gradually have transformed the initial festival into a red carpet parade of influencers. The goal is to tell you how you should be dressed for a festival.

The spectacular music is the fundamental part of its appeal to lovers of the festival. And in the same way, nobody questions its apparent basis, built by a nest of stars who walk looking at the camera.

Coachella is the American dream of young people around the world who want to get thousands of likes emulating Gigi Hadid. While age, money, and life will not let them try it in their own fashion houses looking low cost that brands like H&M have created ad hoc for this festival.

The extraordinary chance to see The xx Live or Bon Iver Lorde is mixed with the reign of the pose. And the business has been built around to appreciate the extraordinary musical quality of this festival, which hosts the very best of rock, pop, electronic or rap. The festival, which has seen its evolution in social networks can be followed live via Youtube 360.

Headlining the Coachella is not easy. Tell that to The Killers in 2004 to Arcade Fire in 2005 or The xx in 2010. The three bands had a first contact with the festival located in the middle and lower the lineup, a position that clearly improves in its next visits. And no group has caused a furor in the last decade who can resist a direct on stage located in the Coachella Valley.

The truth is that during the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, the media echoed a reality of celebrities and fashion. Hailed for its free spirit, now it is more of a holiday weekend than a festival of innovative music.

Traveling Miami, Los Angeles and Coachella

Here is a mini guide of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival with everything you need so you can organize well the trip ticket, flights, accommodation, etc. We go with the tips.

Tickets: Perhaps the hardest part of this festival is to buy tickets that often sell out really fast, but that does not mean it is impossible also. Another option is to get your ticket from resale, a few days before the festival or even the same day. A couple of friends got them well this year and at the same original price. If you choose this option be sure that the place where you buy is legit. The ticket price is $ 375 for general admission or $ 435 with the shuttle. You can also pay for the VIP option but I do not recommend it. You have all the information on the Coachella website.

Flights: The festival is in Coachella, Indio. So the nearest airport is Los Angeles. If you buy your ticket in advance the prices will be a lot cheaper.

Accommodation: Getting a good, nice and cheap place to stay these days is not easy. You have to plan ahead because it fills up quickly and hotels take the opportunity to raise prices through the roof. So after buying tickets this is the second thing you have to do. You can rent an apartment, camp on the grounds of Coachella that you can book along with your festival ticket, or go to a motel/hotel.

Rental Car: You'll need a car to get to the festival, not only from Los Angeles to Indio but also to reach the festival every day. The distances are very long, the temperatures are very hot and it is impossible to go on foot. I recommend you renting at the airport in Los Angeles.

Coachella Parking: Get ready to strengthen your legs and get warm. Whether you have VIP parking or normal, you have to walk about 15-20 minutes through the desert from your parking lot to the venue. Take it easy and keep it in mind to organize your day because you can miss a concert. I advise you to take a picture of where you parked the car.

What to wear? One of the problems of desert climate is that during the day it is very hot but at night the temperature drops a lot. It's so cold that it is imperative to choose the look you choose for the day. Do not forget to add a sweatshirt or jacket because you will need it. In addition, there is often sand storms so always carry a bandana to cover your nose and mouth. As for footwear go with shoes, boots or flat sandals.

What to carry in your bag? Mobile phone, camera, sunglasses, sunscreen, cash, handkerchiefs, plasters, bandana and everything you wear normally.

Venue: You have everything you need to spend the day at Coachella with food, coffee, ice cream, drinks and even clothing stalls and basic stuff as handkerchiefs, lighters. There are very few places to sit and eat but grass is great. As a highlight I inform you that you can drink alcohol only within designated areas. In order to access them you have to collect a bracelet that proves you are of legal age (21 years in USA) so do not forget your ID at home.

Concerts: From morning until 01:00h-02:00h in the morning. While organizing your day note that it will be impossible to see all the shows you want because of the time. The Coachella app is great to move around the site and get all the information you need while you're there.

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