Sunday, November 5, 2017

First Time Skiing Holiday – Yllas

The sun is shining here. Many people choose to make the most of the glorious weather and enjoy a staycation this summer. But, it won’t be too long before winter comes around again. So when the time comes, let’s embrace the cold weather and enjoy a winter holiday. Winter holidays including winter snow breaks and activity holidays are growing popular. Why not journey beyond the Arctic Circle to the magical landscapes of Ylläs in Lapland for a memorable winter holiday?

Yllas boasts Finland’s largest cross-country skiing network, with plenty of easy trails for beginners. In Ylläs you can learn amongst spellbinding scenery. And try your hand at a wide range of other winter activities between lessons.

If you are a first-time skier it is worth booking to go on a first timer's trip. This ensures that there are instructors ready to teach you before you take to the slopes. One fantastic first-time ski package is an exciting cross-country ‘try it out week’ in Ylläs in Lapland. You will have the opportunity to learn with other like-minded first timers. You can have direct access to a vast network of ski runs with plenty of easy trails for beginners.

The feeling of being close to nature and the chance to take in your surroundings make cross-country skiing an enthralling activity. What’s more, it’s suitable for almost anyone, regardless of age and skill. It doesn’t usually take too long to master the gliding; you’ll soon be striding through the thick, glistening snow. Cross-country skiing is made easier for beginners with ski ‘tramlines’ which are cut daily by a special machine as a guide for first-time skiers.

The packages for beginners are the perfect induction to cross-country skiing. You learn in the company of other beginners in the quietest weeks of the season, making it easier to pick up and more one on one time with instructors. After learning the basics, you will be tutored to improve your skills and eased out onto the slopes if you feel confident enough.

The first day starts with a 90-minute ski lesson, with an experienced, English speaking instructor; followed by some free time to practice. There is also the opportunity to try out a range of other snow-based activities such as snowshoeing, ice-fishing, reindeer sledding, dog-sledding.

Or even a trip on a push along scooter which has runners instead of wheels. The second day starts with another lesson, after which you have time to head out on your own if you want. Explore some of the easy beginner trails, getting used to the slopes. Don’t forget to fit in a break at one of the many inviting mountain cafes and restaurants for a warming drink. For the rest of the week why not explore the wonderful Ylläs and take part in some of the fantastic snow activities that are on offer.

With so many great winter activities on offer, you might start finding yourself counting down to the winter months!