Saturday, November 4, 2017

Around Italy: Discover the Eternal City, Rome

Bring yourself to Rome which is known as an eternal city to the whole universe. In this city, you can find a perfect abundance of historical treasures everywhere. The city offers a lot of luxurious hotels and restaurants to its visitors by paying a warm welcome and making a comfortable stay. Rome is one of the few ancient cities of the world, who still houses its historical monuments, cultural identity and charm of the modern era.

The eternal city, Rome is a capital city of Italy. Rome is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. It is a city of monuments, museums, gardens, shops and tasteful dining places. Some popular tourist attractions in Rome are The Vatican Museums, The Capitoline Museums, Churches (like St. Peter's Basilica, The Sistine Chapel, San Giovanni in Laterano and few others), monuments (like Coliseum, Roman Forum, Circus Maximus, Domus Aurea, Pantheon and Castel Sant’Angelo), Piazza di Spagna , Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo , Fontana della Barcaccia , Trevi Fountain, Palazzo del Quirinale, Palazzo Montecitorio, Villa Pamphilj and many more.

Rome is also popular for its variety of dishes like Pizza, Pasta, Bruschetta and much more. And that's a reason there are many popular dining and drinking centers are available in the city. For wine lovers, Rome is a favorite city. Many wine Sellers organized and give information about wine processing, about vineyards, harvesting, fermentation and all the processes linked to the production of good wine.

Rome is also famous for shopping and you can find varieties of outlets and departmental stores all over the city. Some very renowned shopping areas of Rome are: Piazza di Spagna- Spanish Steps-Via dei Condotti (one of the richest streets in Italy and also one of the best streets for shopping in Rome), Via del Corso (the street is famous for its verities of shops and restaurants), Trastevere (It is best food market in Rome and give a chance to do bargaining and chatting with local Roman vendors) and Viale Marconi and Porta Portese, Piazza Vittorio, and Piazza Navona- Via del Governo Vecchio are other popular shopping places in Rome.

Rome is very well connected to the all major cities of the world. Rome has two main international airports and these are Leonardo da Vinci International Airport and Ciampino International Airport. Both airports are well connected to the cityĆ¢€™s main places. The city's public transport is very convenient and every single area of the city is well connected to each other.

It is to say that Rome was not built in a day and can't be seen in a day. So you can understand how much time you need to see this eternal city?

Rome is a magical place that is hard to describe in words, much better to just have the experience. I, however, will try. When I was there, I had the opportunity to spend a glorious 5 days. I talked to a girl from South Carolina on the way back who hated Rome. I asked, “WHY?”. I later found out that she was only there for a day and a half.

Definitely not enough time to enjoy that magnificent ancient city. This southern girl thought that the city closed down at 6 p.m. Not the case at all! Restaurants open up at 7 p.m. for their dinner patrons and stay open most of the night. Italians are passionate about their dining experiences, and Rome being a tourist town found amazing ways to profit from that.

Don’t be surprised when the complimentary bread costs you, as also the linen charge and cutlery charge for the tables. And even making eye contact with the accordion player is going to cost you 5 euros. This all sounds preposterous, but its a living to them. Its worth it all.

Must see of Rome are all the obvious ones. The Collosium, the Pantheon, The Vatican (the Basilica and Sistine Chapel are two of the most beautiful things I have ever seen). My advice is to get a map of the city with the landmarks clearly stated…because there are a ton! The national monument, the ruins, the Museum etc. Don’t let this all overwhelm you, though. There is much more to this city than all of that.

Every night at the Spanish steps you can find a 120 young twenty-somethings shelling out 20euros for a free t-shirt and free beer at the nightly pub crawl. The Bio-Park (ZOO) is great because no one thinks to go there so you can be a tourist while taking a break from the other tourists. If you are into film, there is usually a great film festival going on.

Outside of the Pantheon, you can find actors dressed in period garb handing out directions to that evening's performance of the opera. three blocks from the Spanish steps is excellent (yet pricey) shopping district. No worries if you are worried about losing your Americaness. There are Mcdonalds EVERYWHERE! “Roadway to America” it proclaims on all the signs. It makes me a little sad, actually. I say don’t waste your time, the burgers are gross and you have to pay extra for ketchup.

With that said, Rome has a bit of something for everyone and every price range. Tight budget? I recommend the Hotel Ottoviano. A hostel located right next to the Vatican and in the heart of it all. The metro has a stop right in that neighborhood. More frivolous? There are a ton of four and five-star hotels located right by the central station. My advice is to keep an open mind, plan on spending a bit more than you expect, and know that you cannot do it all in a day and a half!