Explore a Different Side to London

by - November 02, 2017

There is a rather different side to London; one that goes beyond popular sites upheld by lofty reputations. This side to the UK’s capital city shows uniqueness, creativity, and current trendiness. It is a side that boasts all that is unusually brilliant about this great city. From quirky museums to unique art galleries, London is so much more than big red buses and the famous attractions that decorate its center. It’s time to explore a different side to London.

Mind the Gap: Inspiring Art, Design and Cartography

London is really a world capital for art and design and what better way to demonstrate this than celebrate the very system that keeps the city moving: the London Underground.

A new exhibition at the London Transport Museum – which in itself is a must-see attraction for tourists looking to enjoy something alternative – Mind the Gap combines landmark maps and contemporary artworks from the Tube.

The Wild Cafe

It may not be appreciated by many, but London has a lot more to offer in cuisine than your expected roast dinners, pie and mash and fish and chips. In addition to a plethora of delicious foreign restaurants which have been embedded into London’s own tastes and which are a by-product of the city’s multiculturalism, there are also some quirky and truly unique restaurants.

Take the Wild Food Cafe for example which serves only raw foods, from sandwiches to a daily-alternating soup, a dish of the day and even deserts! Their ethic is to spread the awareness and acceptance of wild plants and food that benefit our bodies.

Kempton Park

All that needs be said on Kempton Park is that it is a historic and world-renowned horseracing ground, a concert venue, a mascot racing host, a place that boasts great and diverse markets and a fantastic place to enjoy a meal.

Kempton Park is the place to enjoy a plethora of alternative activities and entertainments.

First and foremost it is, of course, a prestigious horseracing ground, and so you’ll be foolish to miss out on seeing a good old-fashioned race here while in London.

Project X

Instead of tagging along to children’s hidden clue games, make the most of what London Transport Museum has to offer this Christmas. Project X is an interactive theatrical experience for adults, inviting the audience to solve clues whilst they meet mysterious characters. Starting at Covent Garden, groups are lead around the streets, taking in the mix of time travel and amazing theatrical performances.

If you’re up for a bit of an adventure into the unknown, Project X is definitely for you. Be quick though, as the performances only run up until the 16th December!

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