Saturday, November 4, 2017

A visitors guide to Anaheim, California

Welcome to Anaheim. The one-time Bavarian delight along the Santa Ana River and previously filled with great citrus and walnut trees is now half Hispanic and an established center of a metropolitan region in its own right. Yes, it is a staple of visiting the Southland and you are obligated to visit if you’re in the area and haven’t been before.

California Adventure is adjacent to the park and is a pretty waste of time, so I recommend saving your money and going to see the real things the state has to offer. If you’re limited on time and want the best of the rides, head first to the Matterhorn to wake you up and help get you pumped for the remainder of your day. Run over to Space Mountain and soar through the stars and try to think of Michael Jackson when he wasn’t so odd.

Stop off at the Cafe Orleans for a yummy crepe or sandwich. Mosey on down to the Pirates of the Caribbean cruise and relax, enjoy a boat ride while your food settles. Don’t move too fast, you can take a fascinating show of outer space while sitting in the theater in Star Tours be careful, your seats do move in correspondence with the show. You’ll come outside and the difference between an air-conditioned theater and the Southern California heat will hit you. Skip over to Splash Mountain for a refreshing cool down and be careful, you will get wet!

Cruise through Autopia and let a breeze dry you off a bit, and then hit the Indiana Jones adventure for a shaky Jeep ride. It’s now time for a little meet and greets with some characters, which is best done in Toon Town (my favorite part as a child). Minnie’s house is a little girl’s dream and the boys should enjoy the Chip n’Dale Tree House.

All the sugar and candy is done (and don’t forget to buy some edible and non-edible treats at the Gag Factory before you leave), dusk should be hitting, and there’s some sort of eerie feel as the breeze of the Santa Ana winds hit you and you wonder where the sun has gone. Well, it’s the perfect timing for the trip to the Haunted Mansion. Will you see a ghost?

Once you get over being spooked, run to Frontierland for a place close to the water to get the best view of the Fantasmic special effects shows performed on the lake. The showing should be at about 9, and following it will be a spectacular firework show. You should head back to your hotel room after this get some rest and instruct the babysitter because now it’s time to party!