Amazing Temples of Bangkok in Thailand

by - October 31, 2017

The spectacular Grand Palace, is fit for the King! Thailand's Grand Palace is astonishing. Color vibrates off every building. The architecture is exquisite. Come explore the palace that was home to the King of Thailand and the Royal Court for more than 150 years. It’s beauty will dazzle your mind. Built in 1782, it housed all the administration for the government. The Grand Palace is magnificent and the architecture is intricate. What a resume for those who created this amazing piece of history. No trip to Bangkok is complete without a visit to the palace.

In times past, the Grand Palace was the seat of the government and home to the King and his royal court. Even the ministry of war was located within it’s gates. Everything that pertained to government was housed behind her walls. As the palace is no longer used for government purposes, it remains the spiritual center of all things Thailand. It is the spiritual hub of Thailand. All spiritual aspects of life, centers around the palace and its many temples.

The Grand Palace is home to Wat Phra Kaew, also known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. There is no other site more holy. Within this amazing cluster of fabulous buildings, is a Temple that is even more amazing. It contains the Emerald Buddha, who is greatly revered among all in the kingdom. The Emerald Buddha is one of the smallest Buddhas in the country. Regardless of size, he has been deeply revered since the 14th century. The Buddha always has a robe. His robes are changed by the current king at the beginning of each season. This is a ceremony of great importance to the Thai people. They arrive in Bangkok from throughout the kingdom in order to take part in this ceremony.

Appropriate clothing is required. No bare shoulders and no skin exposed above the knee.

Reclining Buddha

The Reclining Buddha is the largest in Thailand. This magnificent Gold Buddha is amazing. Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha), is a temple behind The Temple of the Emerald Buddha. If you have never been to Wat Pho, you will be delighted. The Reclining Buddha is more than 150 feet in length. Wat Pho is a temple you will not want to miss it. it is magnificent. It is one of the largest temple complexes in Bangkok. It is known far and wide for its giant reclining gold Buddha.

This is also an excellent location to get a Thai massage. The massage is a traditional massage style. This School of Massage is the leading school in the country. What an amazing way to relax after a hard week.

If you wish to see the Buddha you will need to take off your shoes. Appropriate clothing is required. No bare shoulders and no skin exposed above the knee.

Maha Prasat

This is another one of the temples built in the cluster of temples at the Grand Palace in Bangkok. It is one of Thailand’s most beloved temples. Phra Thinang Chakri Maha Prasat is part of the heritage of Thailand. The architecture is extremely unique and captivates the imagination. It is dazzling, as the gold gleams in the sun. Wat

Wat Saket

This is the fourth in our tour of temples in Bangkok. There are so many, but these are among the ones that stood out. Wat Saket Ratcha Wora Maha Wihan is also known as the Golden Mountain in Bangkok. It is probably best known for the mountain it is built on. Phu Khao Thong , also called Golden Mountain, is a steep artificial hill inside the Wat Saket compound. An annual festival is held at Wat Saket each November. It features a procession up Phu Khao Thong or Golden Mountain. This candlelight possession is an important part of Thai life. Wat Saket is a major tourist attraction. Wat Saket is a symbol of Bangkok.

Wat Arun

Wat Arun, The Temple of Dawn, is on the Chao Phraya River in Thailand. This is actually across the river from the Grand Palace and our first four temples. I left this temple for last as it is the most dazzling. This temple is stunning, for its location on the river bank. It is so tall and can be seen for miles. At night you can see all the magnificent stones and gems. It is for sure the most ornate of Thailand’s temples. It is considered by many to be the most magnificent temple in Thailand.

It has a most imposing spire that is over 229 feet tall. It is ornately decorated with tiny pieces of coloured glass and Chinese porcelain. These are placed delicately into intricate and small patterns, like an mosaic.

Wat Arun is almost directly opposite Wat Pho. It is extremely easy to get to. From Sapphan Taksin boat pier (near Wat Pho) you can take a river boat that stops at pier 8. When you reach pier 8, a small shuttle boat takes you from one side of the river to the other for only 3 baht. It is an easy trip and only takes a few minutes.

It is generally recommend that you spend at least an hour visiting the temple. The Temple of the Dawn is stunning at sunset. There are steps leading up to the top that you can climb. From the top of the main building, you can see almost everything. There is a railing to help when you are climbing, however it is a challenge coming down.

As with all our temples, remember that appropriate clothing is required. No bare shoulders and no skin exposed above the knee.

This is our last Bangkok temple in this tour of five of the outstanding temples of Bangkok. Each was amazing in their own way. The architecture used in Thailand is out of this world. It is a joy to explore the many temples and all of the Grand Place. Make this the year you determine to enjoy a Thailand adventure.

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