Mersal Movie Review

Mersal is an excellent entertainment film that can please all viewers. It will be an important film in Vijay's career. After the success of Theri the duo Vijay and Atlee joined hands again. The actor was in an obligation to repeat the success of his last film. Did the duo meet expectations?

Several members of the medical corps get abducted by a mysterious individual. The Trail leads to Dr. Maran (Vijay) who aims to make treatment free for every individual. During the interrogation by Rathnavel (Sathyaraj), the accused reveals his identity and motivations. He is not Maran but Vetri (Vijay) a magician. The plot evolves on the links of Vetri, Maran, and Daniel (S J Suryah).

We had not been averse to criticism about the performances of Vijay in his latest films. With Mersal "Thalapathy" shows that he has not lost his talent. He electrifies the screen by his presence. He excels in all areas. The most obvious is the return of dancer Vijay to his best level.

He is credible in all three roles and does justice to the characters. He wears the film and forgets the deficiencies. He returned to his favorite style. He left behind the mimics that sometimes irritated some. In Mersal, Vijay did not leave his comfort zone but entertain spectators by his charisma.

On the technical side, director Atlee started the career of beginner GK Vishnu. The cinematographer, for his baptism of fire, made a perfect copy. Plans, color choices and camera movements are close to perfection. The editor Ruben made the right choices to help the viewer's experience. The rhythm leaves little room for dead time and boredom. This is the great strength of this film.

The viewer has little opportunity to divert his eyes from the screen. Genius A.R. Rahman did his job as usual. The songs remain in mind and with visual, they take more values. Costumes contribute to the success of this film. The Team, composed of three designers, has done a remarkable job. The action scenes deserve to be passable. Atlee drew the best of his technicians to get this result.

On the artist side, Vadivel finally holds his reference film for his real return. He puts the room on fire at each of his rare appearances. Among the three actresses, Nithya Menen is the only one who holds attention and has a role in the script. The need for the presence of Samantha and Kajal is questionable.

Their characters have a very limited impact. Kovai Sarala, Sathyaraj, and Sathyan get a very limited time. These veteran artists deserve a different treatment. SJ Surya delivers a very good performance. His acting game is right. He's credible in his role as an antagonist.

Atlee, by pulling the best of his team and helped by a great Vijay, offers a very good entertainment. But he has failed in his role as a writer and director. Indeed, the story is poor in originality. Although the plot has a strong social message, its container is ancient.

The weft recalls several cult films. The use of flashback shows that he preferred simplicity and all bets on Vijay and the message. Yet Atlee got help from Vijayendra Prasad the writer of Baahubali. That remains the great disappointment of the film.