Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Beauty of Little India in Singapore

Little India is one of the places worth visiting in Singapore. This place is very special because it has a lot of Tamil elements in it. Little India is located in the eastern part of Singapore river, to the north of Kampong Glam. The history about the origin of little India is quite interesting. Chulia Kampong area was a division of colonial Singapore, where Tamil immigrants used to reside.

However, with the passage of time, Chulia Kampong started getting overcrowded and gradually a competition for land started. This lead most people to migrate to the locality, now known as Little India. At the present, Chulia Kampong no longer exists as a separate division.

The area belongs to the Little India is special because of its location, which is surrounded by the river Serangoon. This proximity allowed the raising of cattle in a better way when the trade in livestock was quite prominent here before the economic boom in Singapore. This place is really worth visiting if you wish to know about the Tamil culture such as clothing, temples, festivals, houses, and food.

One of the interesting activities that you can observe here is that most of the Chinese residents shop around the markets of Little India as well as enjoy the tasty and spicy food available here. This locality, although located in Singapore, is much different in appearance from rest of the places in Singapore. The construction of houses, the roads, the sanitation and several aspects of Little India resemble the Indian cities more than the Singapore localities.

There are many places worth visiting in this locality. Serangoon Road is the main commercial place around. Several marketplaces and famous malls are located around the Tekka mall, the Tekka center, the Little India Arcade, Mustafa center and etc. Places like Serangoon plaza are the best places to hang around here. Some religious places also can be found in this locality like the Kampong Kapor church, the Foochow Methodist church, the Jalan mosque and the central Gurudwara.

The most famous mosque called as Abdul Gafoor Mosque was built in the year 1859 and this mosque was named after the Tamil lawyer who built it. It is really special in design and architecture. It resembles most of the Arabian mosques in appearance. The hall where the prayers are conducted displays the history of Islam in quite an attractive way. Hindu temples and kovils are also not rare in Little India because the majority of people live here are Hindus.

At last, all I have to tell you about this place in summery is, it’s really a magical place for worldwide tourists. You can experience the Indian Tamil culture there without traveling to India.