Kenai Peninsula Alaska

by - October 31, 2017

The Kenai Peninsula is the gateway to Alaska. Its beauty is breathtaking! Beautiful snow-capped mountains loom in the background. They are majestic and magnificent! What beauty abounds! Arriving in the Kenai Peninsula, after a delightful cruise of the Inside Passage, you are pumped for adventure. The Kenai Peninsula will not disappoint.

The Kenai Peninsula juts out into the Gulf of Alaska. It begins in the Chugach Mountains and extends for approximately 150 miles. The Chugach Mountains are snow-capped and beautiful! It is kept separate from the mainland of Alaska by the Cook Inlet in the West. Cook Inlet has some of the bluest water. The inlet is like a picture postcard. It is stunning and beautiful. It is separated by Prince William Sound on the East. Prince William Sound has some of the clearest water. It is like a mirror! It is an amazing Peninsula and home to many magnificent glaciers.

The glacier-covered Kenai Mountains run along the Southeast side of the peninsula. This glacier-covered mountain hugs the coastline along the Alaskan Gulf. The Kenai Peninsula has two major glaciers. It is home to both the Harding Icefield and the Sargent Icefield. In addition to these two major glaciers are several smaller glaciers that span off of both the Sargent and Harding Icefields.

The glaciers have a bluish tint in the sun. They sparkle as the sun illuminates their magnificence, The Kenai Peninsula has many spectacular lakes and rivers. The Kenai River is world-famous for its salmon fishing. All of the rivers and lakes are a fisherman’s playground. Are you ready to fish?

Seward is one of the major towns on the peninsula. Though small in size, it is long on beauty. Seward has approximately 3,000 year-around residents. It has many tourists attractions. It is famous for its Fourth of July Celebration. It is the gateway to the Kenai Fjords National Park. The Kenai Fjords National Park is beyond spectacular! Seward is the southern end of the Alaskan Railroad. It is also the turn around point for many of the cruises in the Gulf of Alaska.

The other major town on the peninsula is Homer. When you arrive in Homer, you have just taken the first step in a thrilling adventure. It is a charming and colorful small town. It overlooks Kachemak Bay. This is a scene fit for a greeting card. It holds you spell-bound! It is magnificent! During winter, it can resemble Switzerland in places. Homer has 5,330 year-around residents that call this winter wonderland home. It also has many tourist attractions. If you are seeking the thrill of adventure, then begin at Homer, Alaska!

No matter whether you choose to come during the awesome summer, or the picturesque winter, Homer and Seward are delightful. They are the first step to a marvelous Alaskan adventure. Alaska is teeming with places to explore. It is home to many quality attractions. Grab the ferry, or take a cruise up the Inside Passage. There are so many ways to get there. Then set out to explore the Kenai Peninsula. It is amazing! It is in your own backyard!

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