Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas At Lotus Lake

The Dragon and Tiger Pagodas are twin temples located at Lotus Lake in Kaohsiung City in Taiwan. What amazing architectural beauty confronts you! Deep in the Zuoying District of Kaohsiung City are some of the most stunning and bizarre temples in all of Asia. Here you can explore over 20 of the most unusual temples in Taiwan. Some are remarkable in excellence, others are architectural wonders, and others are crazy.

If you enjoy all the amazing architectural designs of Taiwan’s temples, you will not want to miss Lotus Lake or Lotus Pond as it is also called. This huge man-made pond is one of the largest in Taiwan. It is also one of Kaohsiung’s most popular tourist spots! It is here, in this unique location, that you will find the Dragon and the Tiger Pagodas.

Lotus Lake is situated between beautiful Turtle Mountain and Half Screen Mountain. The area is serene and fills you with a sense of inner peace. There is no better place to sit and take in the beauty around you. It is perfect for the weary worker or traveler to soak in the healing that can come from total relaxation. There is a beautiful path leading around the lake. If you have the whole day to discover all the temples and pagodas, it is a perfect walk. It is also an amazing bike ride around the lake. If you lack time, then begin at the southern end of Lotus Lake. It is here that you will find most of the temples.

The Dragon and Tiger Pagodas are tall and glitter in the sun. They are almost impossible to miss. These two gold and red temples rise high into the air. Red is the symbol of good fortune. It conveys joy to all who enter. Gold is a color of luck and prosperity. These tall twin temples were completed in the 1960’s. They act as an extension to the Ciji Confucius Temple.

As you approach the area of the twin pagodas, signs will direct you to enter through the dragon's mouth. When in the middle of the belly of the dragon, believers in Confucianism, stop and let the ornate paintings speak to their inner beings. These colorful pictures show scenes of heaven and hell. They are meant to speak to each visitor who enters, encouraging them to do good and kind deeds. When you are ready to exit, you leave through the mouth of the tiger. This is believed to bring you lasting good luck.

In front of the Dragon and Tiger pavilions is a gigantic statue of the goddess of mercy. Here she is seen riding a dragon. This is only one of the many statues that surround the pavilions. There are an enormous number of different statues of gods and goddess scattered around the pond.

Unless you have a lot of time, you might want to take the hop-on-hop-off bus tour. There are several buses that run around the pond and allow you to go from temple to temple without walking for long distances. Hop on and buy a ticket. Then show your ticket each time you get back on the bus. It is a fun and easy way to see Lotus Lake at Kaohsiung City in Taiwan.