Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Cijin Island near Kaohsiung in Taiwan

Cijin Island is a small island, with big adventure! The Southern tip of the Island was connected to the mainland of Taiwan near Kaohsiung. In 1967, life changed. To make the second entryway to the Port of Kaohsiung, the narrow connection was severed. Now there is a tunnel connecting Cijin Island with Kaohsiung, and of course, it is reachable by ferry. This small island is a bundle of fun to explore. Take the ferry and hop on over to Cijin Island.

Cijin Island has an open market with the best dry fish. You will be surprised at how many different kinds of fish there are. There are hundreds of different kinds of dried fish. Come hungry, as they will feed you samples till you start buying. It is a fun Fish Market.

One fun and amazing place to browse is the Cijin Shell Museum. It is located on the Island in the Seaside Park. The bottom floor is tourist services. On the second floor, you will find this small but fascinating seaside museum.

Cijin Island is a bundle of surprises. In the museum discover over 200 kinds of shrimp and crab species. Who knew there were so many different species? You will also find more than 2,000 kinds of shellfish species. Cijin Island is home to so many different species of shellfish.

At the museum, you will learn how to identify each and where on the island to look for each species. This is a museum of living fish! You will also find three kinds of living fossils. If you find the sea intriguing, then you will want to visit the Cijin Shell Museum on Cijin Island. It is living fish history. It is fun! It is fascinating!

Located on Cijin island is Cihou Fort and Cihou Lighthouse. This impressive lighthouse was built by the British in 1883. It is on the top of Mount Ki-au at the Southern end of the Kaohsiung Harbor. The lighthouse is a red brick rectangular building. It was in use for over 100 years. The architecture of the building is simple and the view of Kaohsiung is magnificent. The fort was built before the time of the Japanese. It was in use up until the Japanese took control of the island. The Japanese did not ever use Cihou Fort. After World War II, the Chinese once again began to use this fort.

Cijin Island has some of the best Seafood in Kaohsiung. There are small quaint sidewalk cafes all over the island. Some are super fun and others romantic. The cooks on Cijin Island start with the best and freshest seafood and then they add a labor of love. What you get is perfection!

Wind-power Park has seven beautiful windmills. They generate enough electricity to light up the park for over four hours a night. The park has wide awesome walking and biking paths. It is the perfect place to promote tourism. It is a peaceful place to spend your leisure time. Take a walk along the beach, or enjoy a peaceful bike ride. It is the perfect place to see environmental protection in use. Read a book by the lights powered by these beautiful wind turbines.

The Banks Of The Love River

On the banks of the Love River, you will discover one of Taiwan’s most interesting cities. The Love River winds its way through the heart of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Walk along the banks of the Love River and you will find the core of Kaohsiung. Up and down the banks of the Love River are parks and lush green vegetation. These many parks with trees and flowers make the perfect spot to rest from the hectic life of the city.

Families come for picnics. Lovers walk hand in hand. Tourists and locals alike enjoy the many scenic boat trips available. There is nothing like a dinner cruise. The banks of the Love River are lit up with blue lights. It is a perfect destination for those seeking a romantic evening.

Take a bike ride along the banks of the Love River. The nice wide cycle path makes for the perfect ride. Bikes can be rented in several rental places throughout the city. Admire the beautiful green parks on both sides of the river. Wander the banks and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Explore The Love River Park which is located along the banks of the Love River. Here you will discover amazing gardens. Forget city life and relax on the river banks. Read a book, or catch the sunset. Life is peaceful on the banks of the Love River.

Stay to admire the beautiful sunsets that form over the river. The river sparkles with the blue lights and the sky change colors. How amazing to watch! Take a trip on the river and soak in the many views of the skyscrapers in the night sky. Enjoy the flashing lights of nightlife at the night market. At the night market, you can sample many unique and delicious Taiwanese snacks. Day and night, the banks of the Love River are alive with the sights and sounds of Kaohsiung.