What to Do and Where to Travel During the Paris Fashion Week

Do you plan to travel during the Paris Fashion Week? I've lived so much in France, but every time I go back, I always get amazed. The capital of fashion, good food, and champagne, Paris is a city that set trend in a lot of fields. Here are tips to enjoy your stay in Ville Lumière during the Paris fashion week. Get there with our insider tips of the City of Light.

If fashion was a country, Paris, with the permission of Milan and New York, would be its capital. The city overflow with elegance and glamour in every corner of its boulevard and streets. Parisians are often banners of this good taste in their daily dress. When you walk around the city you feel like you are on an improvised catwalk where nobody lacks style.

Every year, the world's fashion capitals host fashion shows from the finest designers. The most sumptuous of all takes place in Paris. Fashion is in Paris as jazz is in New Orleans. This is, after all, the city that Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Christian Dior gave us. It is the homeland of high fashion and is the forge of future designers around the world.

In February and September, the city feeds in a unique way. Paris is the culmination of four weeks of parades taking off in New York, followed by London and Milan. Without Paris, there would not be the Chanel show at the Grand Palais at the end of Fashion Week. There would be no Louis Vuitton's gorgeous event to raise the venue of the event. Swarms of photographers populate the Tuileries.

New York and London are eccentric and Milan is glamorous, but Paris continues to play the pure show. Here's how to live and breathe the fashion during your stay in Paris Fashion Week.

Where to go and what to do during Paris Fashion Week?

Paris has always been the capital of fashion. The most important trends and styles are still born here. A winter fashion week is a must-see event for all enthusiasts. But other visitors can live in the city, experiencing a unique atmosphere.

Paris is also the mecca of vintage shops. Here you can go crazy and shop in search of the most strange, old and original clothing items. The top shops are in the delightful neighborhood of Montmartre. In other areas of the city also you can find interesting boutiques.

No matter how many times you've been there, the Center Pompidou never disappoints. The exhibitions change and the permanent collection is one of the richest in the world. Take advantage of the fact that on the first Sunday of the month the most important museums in the city are free. Get up to the top floor to admire the incredible view of the city at your feet from the museum roof.

If you get tired and want to regenerate yourself, go to the mosque. Yes, you understand. The Paris mosque is one of the most beautiful in the world. It has colorful columns, blue mosaics, and Arabic decorations. It also has a hammam in a perfect Oriental style. Get yourself in a sauna, whirlpool pools, Turkish bath and super relaxing massages.

Do you want to sip an aperitif in a fashionable place, admiring a breathtaking panorama? From the last floor of the Maison Kenzo, at a step from Pont Neuf, get a spectacular view of the Seine and the city. The best time to enjoy it is sunset, of course!

Bon Marché is, in fact, the oldest shopping mall in France. You can find everything from the most exotic spices to the great luxury brands. There are even visit contemporary art exhibitions with the greatest international artists.

If you want to party and get late, you're in the right place. There are locals of all kinds and music for all tastes. My favorite place? The Gambetta district.

Where to eat and drink during Paris Fashion Week?

French cuisine is among the best in the world. You should not miss the stage in one of the historic Parisian crêperies. To please the sweet desire there is nothing better than a greasy crêpe.

Photographers and fashion influencers look for quiet and unpretentious places. And in this fashionable city, there is also the elegance that escapes the radar. Are you near the Louvre? The cheeseburger is a remedy for all the ills. Cheeseburgers may not look much like "fashion".

After a day of endless fashion shows and press conferences, a steak and potato dish is paradise. But even the fashion circus needs rest. For this, you can make a jump over Pont Neuf, the Rive Gauche, and Saint-Germain-des-Prés. There are many restaurants nearby, so it's worth taking a look around when you are there.

The French adore the oysters. The most inexpensive is in the heart of the colorful Marché d'Aligre, a fruit and vegetable market. You can choose your oyster by buying them in pieces. Then enjoy them with a good glass of wine leaning against one of the barrels of the venue.

Where to stay during Paris Fashion Week?

Of course, when it comes to hotels, there are also great classics. There are great historic hotels offering stunning views of the city. Not to mention the Michelin Three Star Restaurants. Then there are the beautiful outdoor dining areas. Needless to say, it is a few minutes walk to the city's most prestigious boutiques. You will find Hermès, Givenchy, and Gucci right there in the street.

Where to go shopping during Paris Fashion Week?

As Paris's true lovers know, the beauty of shopping in this city is a big choice. Le Marais is one of the city's most fashionable neighborhoods. It is home to an infinite array of lovely boutiques. Here you will find the youngest protagonists of the fashion circus in search of goodies.

There are eccentric jewelry stores and art galleries. There is a breeze in the area that is not elsewhere. When you are in Paris, it's never a bad idea to take a piece of fashion history.

Colette! More than a store, it's an icon. In no other store in the world, you will find such a sought-after selection of design, art, food, and style. Here you will be able to buy very rare books of fashion or photography at very low prices. You can also find limited edition other rarities. Do not miss the le bar à Eau in the basement. It is a bar with futuristic architecture that sells mineral waters from all over the world.

The ancient Jewish quarter is the fashion, cultural and gay friendly heart of the city. The boutiques of designers and restaurants get frequented by bohemians of all ages. It has a sophisticated and unconventional style.

How to get immortalized by a street style photographer during Paris Fashion Week?

Once you've traced your unique vintage piece, point straight to Jardin des Tuileries. If you are lucky you can catch Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian.

Weekend Travel during Milan Fashion Week

This is the story of a weekend in Milan, arriving Friday night and leaving Sunday afternoon. It has been a few hours, but enough to see the essential. We did not find anything extraordinary in Milan, as a city. But to see the Milan Fashion Week, Duomo, the Monumental Cemetery and the Last Supper has been worth the trip.

There are two dates when traveling to Milan is super special. It is during the Milan fashion week, when the streets of the city are packed with super models. The next is during the Milan Furniture Fair, when the world comes to know the latest creations of Italian design.

The misunderstood Milan! Sure as we mention it you thought about fashion, industry and Italian metropolis. I also had that impression, but a short trip to participate in the Milan Fashion Week greatly expanded my view of this captivating city. Today I tell you about the other ingredients of this, the strongest Italian dish!

Milan is like a girl with a double personality. It is old and modern; elegant and daring; hedonist and working. It is a perfect combination that has led it to become the economic engine of Italy. And as you know, Italy knows a lot about engines!

Happily I discovered that, like the Italian sister cities Milan is rich in history and architecture. But unlike many of them, it does not live looking at the past, but focused on the future, while enjoying the richness of those two worlds.

During my fleeting, but intense stay I enjoyed its rich architecture, daring designs, dazzling nightlife and delicate regional cuisine. The personality of the citizen of Milan, has much in common with the Latin American who lives in a capital or in the United States. Work hard, but also get rewarded and celebrate hard! I enjoyed a good dose of beauty, art and architecture courtesy of La Scala, the famous opera house and Milan Cathedral, the Gothic jewel.

Weekend Travel during Milan Fashion Week

Day 1

My alarm clock rings at 6am, the time to take a shower, a breakfast and finish prepare my suitcase. It is already 7am and I receive a message from the driver who is waiting for me down the street in a taxi. I join him and we go to the airport before being in the aircraft.

We arrived at 11:20 on Friday at the Bergamo airport on a flight. Bergamo is a city about 55 km northeast of Milan, whose airport is used by low-cost airlines. It is a small airport in which the few meters from where the plane stops to the terminal which we cross on foot along the track. The Italian language reminds me of my college years. I am delighted to hear it resonate everywhere.

As we had only cabin luggage, we did not have to wait in the luggage belts. So we went through the small terminal to the exit. We bought the tickets at a ticket office inside the terminal, but they can also be purchased directly from the driver. In less than ten minutes from landing we get on the bus that would take us to Milan.

At 11:30 the bus started and in 50 minutes we were in Milan. The bus leaves next to the Central Station, on its right side. In anticipation that our arrival would be late, we had looked for a hotel that was close to the Central Station to avoid more travel at that time. It also had a 24-hour reception.

We chose the hotel just 400 meters from the station. Although it is a three star hotel, the quality is comparable to one that always happens with hotels abroad and we already had it. Shortly before 00:30 we were there.

It is a very average hotel but perfectly fulfills its basic function, which is to rest well at night. The double bed was huge and the mattress very comfortable. Our room faced the street and we had no noise disturbance, neither exterior nor interior. Instead of a closet, the room had a kind of structure with a bar and shelves, which we thought was a good idea.

It is easier to leave things forgotten in a closed cupboard with doors than in a piece of furniture like this. After all, in two days there is no time for the clothes to catch dust. Right on the opposite sidewalk there is a supermarket, which can be good on certain occasions.

Weekend Travel during Milan Fashion Week

Day 2

Buffet breakfast at the hotel was costly. We decided to go out and find something cheaper on the way to the Monumental Cemetery, which was the first point of interest we had planned for today. We find ourselves in the lobby of the hotel, joined by a beautiful Italian guide who will take us through Milan. We walk from the hotel to Porta Garibaldi Station through the Porta Nuova, one of the main business district of Milan.

Passionate about her subject, she explains to us all the history of the city which has passed into the hands of many civilizations (Celts, Romans, Spaniards, even Napoleon passed by here). The city is enriched by so many different stories and cultures. The city is a treat, I'm sure for architecture enthusiasts.

In this area there are some office buildings of modern architecture, such as the Pirelli Tower, which is just opposite the Central Station. There is also the UniCredit Tower, next to Porta Garibaldi Station. Another striking building in this area is the Bosco Verticale, a residential complex that has received several awards.

It is composed of two towers of 26 and 18 floors of houses. Its facades and terraces are covered by thousands of plants of different species, in an attempt to contribute to climate regeneration. The photo has not been very nice because the day was very cloudy.

Passing the side of Porta Garibaldi Station we saw a fairly large cafeteria, where we decided to go to breakfast. There we had a coffee and a croissant. Shortly before arriving at the Municipal Cemetery, we see the Arcobaleno Tower, an old water tank of thirty-five meters in the shape of a diabolo. It was covered with thousands of colored tiles for the 1990 Football World Cup, that draws our attention.

We arrived at the Monumental Cemetery, a kind of large outdoor sculptural and architectural museum. It was built in 1886 to recast in a single space all the small and unhealthy cemeteries that had existed in Milan up to that time. The access building is imposing and inside it has very attractive domes.

But even more impressive is the whole collection of precious mausoleums, pantheons and other works of art that he keeps in his gardens. It is worth investing a bit in walking among them. There is even a large sculptural group in one of the burials that represents the Last Supper at full size. Access to the Cemetery is completely free.

From here we went to Sempione Park bordering Chinatown, which was very clear for the kind of shops that we were seeing along the entire route. In the Sempione Park there were many people enjoying the Saturday morning. We see men and women walking, either running or riding a bike, even though the weather was very cloudy and there was even some fog. There was also an amusement fair mounted for the Carnevale Ambrosiano.

At one end of the park is the Arco de la Paz, and on the other the Sforzesco Castle. The latter was built in the 14th century. Although it has suffered destruction and reforms throughout its history, it still conserves the moat that surrounds it. At the end of the 15th century it was one of the most luxurious Cortes of the time. It was to the point that artists of the relevance of Leonardo da Vinci or Bramante were called to decorate some of their rooms.

In the interior of the Castle there are museums and exhibition halls, but we are not very keen to invest time in museums when we have few hours to visit a city. So we continue to the center of Milan. We arrived immediately at the Piazza del Duomo.

The facades of the Duomo are incredibly beautiful. It is impressive to think how much work those medieval craftsmen had to invest in carving all that decoration in stone. It is a pity the horrific advertising screen that they have hung on the left side. The ticket offices are on the street, on the right side of the cathedral, but there are also others in the back, where there are a lot less people and they are also covered.

We bought the vouchers and went to find a place to eat. We ate at the pizzeria, very close to the Duomo with the new Milanese trend, Brazilian sushi, a pizza of anchovies and olives, a plate of pasta with swordfish and tomato, and coffee. The pasta was good, but the pizza was very poor. It was big but fine as cigarette paper and with very little ingredients. If we went back to Milan we would not repeat there because the place was not special at all.

On the top floor of the museum, which houses Yves Klein exhibition, the restaurant offers a breathtaking view of the Duomo. We returned to the Duomo to climb the decks. They are about 200 steps to end in a hallucinating forest of buttresses, pinnacles and gargoyles. Here there is not a single corner without decorations. It is absolutely worth climbing, not only for the views that are there from above. It is for that feeling of finding myself immersed in such a special place.

On the highest spire is the statue of Madonnina. The symbol of the city is made in golden copper and placed in its vantage point 108 meters above the ground of Milan in 1774. By the time we passed, a parade had just finished. We could observe from the corner of the eye the fashionistas who took pictures.

We then enter the interior of the Duomo. What a beautiful thing! It is one of the most beautiful cathedrals we have seen. Apart from its majestic dimensions (the central nave is 45 meters high and inside the cathedral can hold up to 40,000 people) and the impressive size of its stained glass windows, the elegant styling of the vaults of the aisles, the decoration is striking from the capitals of the pillars, and up to the design of the cutting of the ground.

It is a pity that they do not let us go close to the stained glass windows of the choir, in the head. They are the biggest that are known and it must be impressive to see them up close, especially on a sunny day. We had the bad luck to have such a gray day.

Inside the Duomo it is interesting to also come to see the macabre statue of St Bartholomew flayed, from the sixteenth century. It represents the saint with muscles and veins in the air and holding his own skin over his shoulders as if it were a mantle. The expression on his face is very realistic, and chilling.

Through a small stairway inside the Duomo, next to the main facade, we go down to the archaeological excavations. They are remains of the Basilica di Santa Tecla that was where today is the Piazza del Duomo, and a Christian baptistery of the IV century that had an intelligent system of water supply. It is quite interesting to see the plans of the reconstruction of these remains that are exposed there.

We left the Cathedral and went to see the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a grandiose Baroque style gallery with prestigious boutiques, including the very first Prada house. Its main access is in the same square. These are two galleries arranged in the shape of a cross and covered by a vaulted metal and glass structure. At the intersection of the two galleries, an octagonal dome 47 meters high above the ground is formed.

The complex was built at the end of the 19th century and is considered a precursor of modern covered shopping centers. There you can find the shops of the most prestigious fashion and restaurant brands.

Under the central dome there is a mosaic on the floor that represents the shield of the Savoia, which is the figure of a bull. According to tradition, if you want to return to Milan you have to go around three times with the heel of one foot on the manly attributes of the poor bull. The animal already had such wear in that delicate area, that the authorities decided to directly cut a hole.

Leaving the galleries at the opposite end we went to the square where the Teatro alla Scala is located, which on the outside is not nothing special and inside we did not see it. From here we went to the ice cream shop in the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, very close to the Duomo. We had a couple of ice creams of two balls, but the truth is that we did not think anything of the other world for the fame of Italian ice cream.

It was almost 6:00 pm and we had to hurry to get to the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Here there is the mural of The Last Supper (Cenacolo Vinciano) by Leonardo da Vinci. We had tickets to see it at 18:30. We were clueless with time in the ice cream parlor and the hour was on us.

We had taken the tickets in advance on the internet on this website. It is convenient to take them out as soon as possible because they tend to run out. Almost running through the already dark streets of Milan we arrived quite overwhelmed, at the limit of 18:30, to Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Once there we go to a ticket office that is about fifty meters to the left of the entrance, to get the receipt of the tickets. Finally, with our tickets in hand, we were able to join the group at 6:30 pm, which was already entering the site where the painting is located.

It is the refectory of the church, former convent of the Dominicans. Leonardo painted "The Last Supper" between 1495 and 1497 on one of the short sides of the room. The work measures 8.80 meters wide and 4.60 meters high, and was made with tempera and oil on a plaster preparation. At the moment it is quite discolored with regard to what must have been originally, in spite of the restoration.

I wonder if that door in the middle of the wall was already when Leonardo painted the mural or was later opened by some fool. On the opposite wall there is another mural, La Crucifixion by Giovanni Montorfano. The visit lasts fifteen minutes. An employee enters the room warning that we have to go out thorough the other end because the next group have to enter. It has lasted more the race that we have stuck to get here than the contemplation of the mural.

We went outside and walked to the area of ​​the Navigli. It is one of the most fashionable neighborhoods in the city, thanks to its restaurants, pubs and its lively nightlife. Our intention is to enjoy the atmosphere and have something to eat there. The Naviglithey are artificial canals that were built between the 12th and 16th centuries to transport goods to Milan from lakes and rivers in the surrounding area.

Leonardo Da Vinci himself intervened in his design. The neighborhood became a fundamental point of communication for Milan and reached great splendor until the mid-nineteenth century. After the emergence of other more efficient means of transport, the channels fell into disuse and virtually all ended up covered.

Currently only a few remain, of which are the Naviglio Grande and the Naviglio Pavese. They are the most important. These two streets remind a bit of Amsterdam, although with a much less elegant character. We walk back to the hotel to change before heading to discover a fashion week parade.

Fashion designers are present in the room as well as a whole swarm of journalists from all over Europe. The latest designs is of course in the spotlight. Models are present to wear the clothes and allow us to discover them in another way.

Suddenly, a crowd is formed and we find in the middle a little blonde lady followed by half of the room. This is the editor-in-chief of a famous Italian magazine. Her arrival totally eclipses the models that are in the ramp. We transform ourselves into happy onlookers and the evening continues.

At the end of the show, we go around the area trying to find a place to take the famous pub consisting of paying a fixed amount for a drink and with it being entitled to a free buffet. The evening of course (I had long booked) I gave myself a romantic dinner. Dining during Milan Fashion Week it is a luxury!

We must find time and above all place! All the restaurants were overflowing. There were even queues in some, and it started to rain. So we finally got into the only place we found a barge anchored in the Naviglio Pavese. It was the most expensive place of all, but neither did it seem excessive for a dinner if we were really satisfied.

The truth is that the site was fine, and if some day we return to Milan we will surely repeat. Near me is a Brazilian model and a German designer. We could choose any drink from the menu (there were even cocktails) and take as many times as you wanted from the buffet. We thought that the buffet would be a snack, but what a deal!

It was not very big, but there was a bit of everything with pasta, rice, chicken, pizza, salads, and cold cuts. We had a really good dinner at the end. I do not know if in the other cheaper places the buffet would be like this or more simple, but of course it was worth it.

When we left Il Barcone, it was a quarter to ten. It had stopped raining and the atmosphere was quite lively, so we wanted to walk back to the hotel, although the distance was almost 5 kilometers. As we had to cross the center, we could see the cathedral with night lighting.

The Duomo at night is beautiful and, since there are hardly any people in the square, its beauty shines with more intensity. That night, the wet pavement reflected flashes of light, creating an even more dramatic scene. We continue on our way to the hotel, advancing along the Via Alessandro Manzoni, leaving on our right the Fashion Quadrilateral.

There we find the embouchure of the Via Della Spiga very lovingly decorated on the occasion of Valentine's Day. We arrived at the hotel tired and rested like little angels. We estimate that we had walked around 20 kilometers that day.

Day 3

We decided to have breakfast at the hotel buffet because we had to leave Milan at 3:00 pm. We did not want to waste the little time we had today. The place is very beautiful, the food is good but the service leaves a lot to be desired. I do not know if the waiters had benefited too much from aftershows of the fashion week but they were of a rather incredible inefficiency.

The buffet was not cheap but it was not bad either. We had a bit of everything from cereals, pastries (very rich stuffed donuts), fruit, breads, eggs, and sausages. The coffee was prepared by the waitress to taste. Of course, the juices were in tetrapak. We left there sated for several hours. We would not have to waste time in restaurants before going to the airport.

Our plans for Sunday were to go for a walk around Milan's fashion district and then go downtown to see a little something that we had left the day before in the inkwell. But before we wanted to see a little the Central Station. It is an imposing building, that we had not been able to see when the bus that brought us from the airport left us next to its lateral facade, because it was at night.

At the reception of the hotel they stored our bags for free and we went out again to kick the streets of Milan, as covered in clouds as the day before. The Central Station is one of the largest and most monumental in Europe. Its design was inspired by the modernism of its time, with a mixture of styles between Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

At first the project was less ambitious, but Mussolini wanted the station to represent the great power of the fascist regime. So it was modified to become a much more majestic construction. In front of the Central Station there are ugly buildings that do not allow photographing the entire facade.

Next we went to the fashion quadrilateral. It is the area bounded by Via Alessandro Manzoni, Via della Spiga, Via Sant'Andrea and Via Monte Napoleone. We start with Via Monte Napoleone, one of the high fashion streets of Milan that even offers the luxury of having designer plaques on the floor, much like Hollywood and its stars but with big names in fashion.

We quickly note a few perpendicular street names to return later to take some pictures. The mansions and the shops hide many courses all more beautiful than the others. Even being Sunday, most of the stores in this area were open. However, our intention was not to buy but simply to do window shopping, because everything was too costly for us there.

There were really signatures with very nice items like clothes, shoes, and decorative objects. We will have to reincarnate as millionaires in some other life. Well, what can I say about fashion? It is a feast for the eyes! And be careful, I did not yet entered the catwalk. Milan is the glory of good dress and the fashion show is enjoyed on the street, 24/7!

Unlike other parts of the world, in Milan, people dare to wear radical designs that do not come down from the catwalk in other cities. From the boy to the old man, regardless of social or economic status carries with style the weight of living in the fashion capital of the world! The afternoon went on between events and fashion shows until I attend a street party.

The installation of colored umbrellas brought color and joy in via Fiori Chiari, in the elegant Brera district. The neighborhood is very romantic with its small pedestrian streets and its many shops. We go through the art gallery and then in front of a building that reminds me of the images of the hanging gardens of Babylon, then in front of the San Marco church, and finally in front of huge modern buildings, a visit through the centuries in a few steps.

From there we went to the center. We come to see the Casa degli Omenoni, whose main interest is in the eight large male sculptures that adorn the ground floor of its facade. This house was built around 1565 and was the home and workshop of Leone, a famous sculptor. It is located in Via degli Omenoni 3, very close to the Teatro Alla Scala.

We then go to the Jesuit Church of San Fedele, in the square of the same name. It was built in the middle of the XVI century. The wooden choir in the apse was brought from the Santa Maria della Scala when it was demolished to build the famous theater in its place.

In this church we were struck by this interesting altarpiece, in which two angels hold two columns unhinged from their vertical position, framing a central composition of modern polychrome ceramics, 1956. In World War II this church was badly damaged by the bombings, but it was restored and is now well preserved. Access is free.

We wanted to take some sweet artisan typical of Milan, but we went around the streets downtown. The only thing we found that convinced us was a very old Genovese bakery in Via Speronari 3. They had some authentic panettones artisans. It looks great, but it did not fit in the suitcases, so in the end we took a brioche that we later opened at home and we can certify that it was quite good.

We did not have much time in Milan. We went to see if there was luck and the San Bernardino alle Ossa was open, in Via Verziere 2, because it has a chapel all lined with human skulls that must be quite spooky. But when we arrived we found that on Sundays they closed at 12:30 and it was almost 2:00 pm.

We had been recommended another ice cream parlor in Via Pattari, behind the Duomo. So, as we were passing on the way back to the hotel, there we went to make a new tasting of Italian ice cream. This time we liked them a lot more than the previous day.

Apart from entering more by the eyes because they were presented in the more artistic buckets. The flavors were much richer and above all cheaper. We tried the spicy chocolate, the coffee, the yogurt and the lemon flavors. All were delicious.

We returned to the hotel to collect our bags. We organized a little luggage to put the brioche and other things that we were not going to need and we went to the bus stop that would take us to the airport. The buses that connect Milan with Malpensa leave from Via Giovanni Battista Sammartini, on the left side of the Central Station. There is not much problem of schedule because there are three bus companies that operate from the same point.

On the way to the bus stop, we bought some snacks at the Central Station to keep ourselves entertained while waiting at the airport. We took the first bus that went to Malpensa and in 50 minutes we were in Terminal 2. I think that Terminal 1 takes ten more minutes.

And here ends this chronicle of our weekend in Milan. It was exhausting but very comforting. Maybe we lost a foolish time in seeing shop windows on the streets of fashion, when we had no intention of buying anything. But hey, we must not stress either. We wanted to go in a relaxed way and that was what we wanted at that moment. I published some photos on my Instagram for those who would not have seen.

These escapades are a beating for the body, but an extraordinary rest for the mind. The penalty is not being able to do them more often. For the next reincarnation, when I become millionaire, in addition to returning to Milan to buy designer fashion dresses, I want to go on a trip every weekend.

In short, Milan gracefully carries the delicate balance between being an urban metropolis, without losing that cultural marrow that defines and distinguishes the peoples.

Honeymoon in the Bahamas in a Natural Paradise

We returned from our big honeymoon in Bahamas and I want to share with you all our itinerary, in case someone is thinking of making an equal or similar one. Bahamas seemed impressive, and we were thinking that we needed to disconnect, leave the noise and seek tranquility in beaches. We wanted to forget about everything, the problems, the work and just relax.

The preparations of the trip turned out to be somewhat complicated. The agencies had no idea of ​​Bahamas nor offered anything. We started to look at the flights and prices and we realized that we would have to go to Miami to make a stopover before reaching Nassau. I always leave everything to last hour. I stuffed things in the suitcase almost until 4 o'clock in the morning. I took the cameras and the laptop of my partner and all the printed papers of the hotels, flights and others.

Day 1

I remember when the alarm rang at 6. I had slept like two hours and I still have things to put in the suitcase. My partner as always has everything well organized with the suitcase and everything done a long time ago. We reach the airport in a hurry because we were short of time and the flight left in less than an hour.

We arrived at the airport and went to the counter. The girl tells us that our flight was not operational. We asked the girl if she could get us on the next flight at 10 o'clock. We invoiced and passed the control. When I thought that everything was going well, my partner reminded me that the money I changed for the trip had been forgotten at home.

The flight was good. After 9 o'clock we arrived in Miami. We left the plane and the heat and humidity was terrible. We were already sweating. There were huge queues. It was quite serious and strict. We went for the suitcases, waiting for a while. Mine came out, but the tape then stopped. There were many accumulated outside the tapes, but none was of my partner or of the other people who were waiting.

The panic and fear took over us and the anger more than ever. After a while it arrived. We left the airport almost at 10 o'clock in the morning. We took a taxi and headed to Miami beach along Ocean drive to the hotel. In the reception was a Cuban gentleman and a young girl. We showed the papers. They gave us a paper for free wifi in our room.

I lay down on the bed busted and very sleepy. My partner instead began to unpack something and took out her red lingerie. I was completely sleepy in bed that by the way was very comfortable and had many pillows. My partner came. It was still 1 or so in the afternoon. She raised her arms and took a step till we were both sweating.

Around 6 we went out for a walk. The beach is huge and very wide and it extends all the way. I even saw a painting like the flag of the United States. People even lie down in the water and sit there for hours lying on it since the temperature is very good. It was very hot and the sand is white although the shore has some sticks and there are algae.

The water is clean. I saw some jellyfish in the water. Here with my partner, we rent a watercraft. We do not have photos, because when we went out at night we did not take the cameras. When we had already spent a lot of time in the area we went to visit the Mall of the Americas. We bought swimsuits. With the change of currency everything was cheaper. I had the temptation to buy an iphone but in the end, I took it off the head.

My partner bought some of her stuff in Victoria's Secret. The store was huge, with two exits. We also bought a waterproof digital camera. The amount of sports stores that were there is another thing that caught my attention. There is an incredible change in temperature when we entered the stores, sometimes too cold due to the air conditioning. We saw people up in sweatshirts or jackets for this reason in some stores.

After going around the mall, we feel hungry and went to eat at a hamburger chain, typical of the United States. We ate some burgers, with potatoes and onion rings, and for dessert we have ice cream shakes that was very good. We saw a group celebrated someone's birthday, and they turned off the lights and everyone singing and puncturing balloons.

Then we go towards Bayside. It is like a port with many shops and restaurants. We see some houses of celebrities like Shakira, Phillip Frost, the one who invented Viagra, Sofia Loren, Julio Iglesias, Gloria Estefan, and some famous fashion designers that I do not remember.

bahamas travel images wallpaper

Day 2

We go on the way to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. We take a taxi from the hotel to the airport. In the terminal were many people and counters and flights. The girl told us that our flight had already left. We told her that nobody had warned us. Then she told us to go in the next that was an hour later.

We looked for the boarding gate until we took a small train that goes up. Once there we found the door, and way to the plane. After 1 hour of flight, we arrived at the Nassau airport which is still under construction. We got off the plane and we already felt the heat and humidity that there was. It was very high.

We pass the immigration. We take the suitcases and left the airport. We sit in a kind of old van. We told that we were going to Paradise island to the hotel. The road was long. We pass a bridge to get to paradise island. We arrived at the hotel. We entered the hall that was very large and in reception they gave us a room, and explained the schedules.

By the way, the schedules were very good. There were 3 elevators. As ours was the 15th floor we had to take the one on the left that goes on the odd ones. The elevators were very well and modern and spacious. The room was near the corridor with carpet on the floor. I was surprised as the colors were quite modern from the hallways.

The room was very nice. It had the typical air conditioning and it was luxurious inside. The room had a door that opened onto a large terrace where we took some photos of the views. We saw the Atlantis and the bridge that connects Nassau with Paradise island. There was also the bar in the middle. To the right of the bar is the disco of the hotel. As in other places, the night show was at 10 o'clock.

Next door was the spa, hairdresser and at the bottom was a souvenir shop and a room with recreational machines, billiards. There was a stand to eat burgers, nachos with cheese, hot dogs. We see the pool bar. We did not step on it, as it used to be full and the people who are very careless got their drinks and everything in the pool.

The restaurant where we ate at noon, was not very large and was next to the pool. There are seagulls everywhere and they are lurking. I already saw people who went for drinks or pizza and when they returned there was a table full of seagulls or some of them eating leftovers, not to mention the noise they make. The waiters try to scare them away.

We leave the hotel and going to the right was the entrance of the pink building that I told you is Atlantis. The beach is beautiful. The sand is very white and the water is beautiful, transparent, clean and perfect with a very good temperature, neither very hot nor cold. We spent a lot of time in it because of the amount of humidity, sweating like nothing and sunbathing became unbearable and suffocating or overwhelming I would say.

For me the worst thing was the number of sellers and workers of water sports companies such as jet skiing, parasailing. In the water there were many fishes. An American told me and my partner to look inside the water that there was something next to us, and it was an eagle ray.

We go down to the beach to lie down in the hammock with a lot of sun and suddenly we see a wind and a storm with very heavy rains from a hurricane. We run to go inside the hotel.

Day 3

We got a good taxi and went to the counter of a company there that makes short flights to the Eleuthera islands. The weather was cloudy. We waited in a waiting room. From there the boarding was already opened and we crossed a walk with a stewardess of the company who took us to the plane. We had to get off at the mini airport in Governors Harbor.

We arrived at Governors Harbor and left the plane and since it was not another airport like the one in the north, the check-in room was small and there was no one worker. We took the suitcases and already they offered us a taxi since we had not rented a car. We left in a short time to the hotel or whatever it was because it was a restaurant with three houses in the middle of nowhere.

A lady in reception explained the meal times and some things and one of the waiters help us carry our bags to our room. By the way we saw the beach that was beautiful. There are 3 little houses, one pink, another green and another yellow. In each of them there are 4 rooms. The little houses are very cool and modern.

We entered the room and the truth is that we were surprised. We put on the air conditioner. There was no TV. Outside the room there were chairs and a kind of terrace. In the afternoon we were we were alone on the beach. The beach was beautiful with white sand. It had many shells and especially conches.

It was a totally virgin beach and in the distance was a small boat tied in the water. It was like a movie, all very virgin with that turquoise blue water that in the distance was becoming increasingly dark blue. The water was super hot especially on the shore. We did snorkeling but we did not see anything.

At night we have noodles, chicken with sauce. The cocktail was nice. They had a party with a band playing in the restaurant on the terrace and all the people were dancing. We could even see the cook with more people dancing like crazy.

Book Review: Empire - Devi Yesodharan

Empire by Devi Yesodharan mix real facts with fantasy but are so well mixed that you will get lost in the pages. This is a true historical fiction has come up with the right mix of reality and fantasy. The book offers us a fascinating adventure set in our untold past.

When we hear the word Empire, kings, and medieval tournaments comes to mind that is always set in Europe. This time, yet, we embark on a trip to India, where we meet the Chola Dynasty. Perhaps they are not so well-known to the general public but they left a mark that we can still observe today.

Its peak was between the 10th and 12th centuries under Rajaraja Chola I and his son Rajendra Chola. Thanks to the wealth created from the prosperous trade routes, Rajaraja created a powerful army. Chola was one of the most powerful dynasties ever on Indian soil. The kingdom also lured foreigners who professed a different faith.

Empire looks like a drama coming out of pages and pages full of dreams. The book is born from the fanciful pen of a talented writer. It talks about the life of those times through a character named Aremis and Ananth. Anantha, the Chola commander finds Aremis, an 11-year-old girl during the Greek assault of Nagapattinam.

Aremis is trained to become a female warrior and becomes the bodyguard of the king. She was a perpetually countercurrent toast in an era when women lived concealed, veiled, and segregated in the harem. But, like in every great novel the fate of Aremis takes an unexpected turn. The book outlines a future far different from what one might imagine as she is expelled. Can she bounce back and prove her indispensability in the battles that follow?

There are shots interweaving with distant lands between mysteries and action. The game of thrones between power groups recalls a saga. This is a book of extraordinary visual power. It has the traces of conspiracies and the accounts of ruinous war campaigns.

It also seeks to find out how the ancient Indians were light years ahead of the so-called modern era. There is all from the organization of the army, the way to fight, trade, and managing countries that have been conquered.

What makes the book something more than a historical fiction is the way the weave is craft. It gives the feeling of a straightforward chronicle. Many things appear true in this novel with authentic names, places, battles, ambushes, executions, and the rest. But in the middle is a fiction. In fact, the book is defined in the same words by its author.

In short, the author has succeeded in her intent to catapult the reader into a particular dimension. One can observe the society in a much more detailed way. The book tells a series of frescoes on life in the times of the Chola Empire in a fictional form.

The adventurous plot is full of historical and novel ideas. The book is well distributed in an easy to read the story. Reading the pages does not mean that we are back to history in its depths. It scans those scenes that are almost never explored.

We can meditate on our story and read the stories with what we have been able to do and remain mortified. The author faces a ignored historical period with a precision.

I was concerned with how to approach the story that is so exciting and passionate. I have enriched myself in knowledge in reflection with parallels of so many aspects of the modern day. The surprise was to observe many common aspects with current times.

It is a nice book to be reread to cover some particular notions that increase our curiosity page after page. You get to the end without realizing it, as page after page it becomes impossible to detach. It is because here there is more than the history of the Chola Empire. There will be much to read the story of the people and their living histories that inhabited the various points of the great empire.

What to say? I am surprised, as I did not expect to be so involved. Instead, this book turned out to be much more interesting than expected. It actually almost opened the world, giving me an incredible amount of information and curiosity. It revealed things of the ancient Chola Empire that I would never suspect.

Empire - Devi Yesodharan
Devi Yesodharan with her story takes us back in time. She makes us live indescribable emotions that go with the reading all over her path. The book in spite of the length does not disappoint. This compelling book is well suited for TV series and movies. In each stage of the story, there is a curiosity and a piece of everyday life that is like our day. Describing the narrative is not easy for reasons not only due to the great size of the text but also for its amazing complexity.

The result is a long and pleasant book full of curiosity, historical notes, and tasty anecdotes. It is as though the author teleported us and made us live the everyday life of that century. And then find that the people were not so different from us!

Title: Empire ♥ Author: Devi Yesodharan ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9386228376 ♥ Binding: Hardcover ♥ Published: 30 August 2017 ♥ Publisher: Juggernaut ♥ Pages: 328 ♥ Language: English