Travel USA on Route 66 through Missouri

The second day of our Route 66 drive was very quiet (almost too much). We toured much of the stretch that crosses the state of Missouri from St Louis to Springfield. It practically goes all the way stuck to the I40 (highway) and is a little more boring. Thank goodness that in the following days it was lively again!

Perhaps if this stretch we had made on the first day of the route it would have been different. But the previous day we had left with the expectations very high! It was a rush of emotions and this second section made us relax a bit.

St Louis is the largest city between Chicago and Los Angeles that Route 66 passes through. It has some interesting things to see, including a large arch along the Mississippi River that they say is the tallest landmark in the United States. But after the day before we did not arrive on time for the last stops, we did not want to waste much time in the city. We just crossed it with the car.

The first stop on Route 66 was the old Chain of Rocks Bridge that separates the states of Illinois and Missouri. When we get to St Louis the road is divided into two. If you do not bring the map it can be complicated, but with the app there is no problem.

We arrived at the bridge from the part of the state of Illinois, but it was closed and it was not opened until 09:00. We went back to the bridge that had already opened the doors. In the middle of the bridge of about 800 meters there is a bank and a petrol station. With no more time to lose we headed to Route 66 State Park. It is an old hotel from 1935 converted into a museum where we could see some original neons of the Route. We left our mark in the signature book and on the map.

The history of the city where the museum is located, Times Beach, does not leave anyone indifferent. It is a type of holiday city that in 1983 suffered one of the greatest environmental catastrophes in the United States. In the App it marks it as ghost town but nothing remains of it since it had to be all incinerated. They just left this building that they turned into a museum of Route 66. Inside it also explains everything that happened in Times Beach .

And from the ghost town we headed to Cuba. This little town is known as the mural city , and you can imagine why! Many of the city walls are painted with murals, most of Route 66. This is where we decided to stop to eat! They serve all kinds of grilled meats with abundant garnishes. You will surely have to pack and carry at the end of the meal because the quantities are huge!

In the United States, it is normal to ask for the food that is left over. Here everyone left with their box under their arms. There were no tourists and it was full. Everything pointed to it eating great and that's how it was! The restaurant is located right next to one of the famous hotels on Route 66.

With a full stomach after turning around to see the murals of the town we went to Fanning. It is famous for having the largest rocker in the world (Red Rocket). We took the obligatory photo. We still had a very high temperature so the stop was pretty fast. It is located next to a souvenir shop on Route 66, Fanning Outpost General Store.

From here to Springfield, the road is continuously going from one side of the I40 to the other by some historic motels but without much interest for our opinion. We arrived pretty early to Springfield. We stayed at a motel. We dined what we had left over from the midday meal and went early to sleep.

The next day we were waiting for the third day of Route 66. It was one of the most complete where we met some of the incredible people that you can find in this Route. It was one of those days when we asked ourselves: How have we not be in Route 66 before?


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