The Emoji Movie is Canceled by American Reviews

The Emoji Movie is an animation film running in the USA in theaters. On Twitter, an advertising campaign was launched for this occasion, which immediately drew sharp criticism.

It is a real hecatomb. The Emoji Movie directed by Tony Leondis has just been struck by the lightning of American critics. The press has seen this animated film and the result is unanimous. It is a disaster.

Everybody is grinding their teeth. The Emoji Movie already knew about the fate even before the first images were unveiled. Except that, unfortunately, the first projections have taken place and the conclusion is unanimous. The Emoji Movie simply should have never been born.

Columbia Pictures is the head of the production. If The Emoji Movie suffers from the bad reviews coming from the other side of the Atlantic, it could well become one of the worst animated films of Columbia at the box office. The company recently participated in the production of Smurfs: The Lost Village, Angry Birds and Sausage Party, which all achieved suitable goals.

According to CinemaBlend, The Emoji Movie turned out to be an even worse idea in execution than on paper. Its characters are weak, its story lame and its purpose is not clear. This review concludes with advice for the public, for their own good, to avoid the film.

On ScreenCrush, the critic writer explains that he would like to be able to describe the animation film only with emojis to pay tribute to this achievement, but that too many words come to mind. Then he gives himself heart to joy. Among the terms used, he used the terms "assoming", "niais", "absurd" or "painful".

Screen Daily keeps up the same spirit at which it qualifies The Emoji Movie as an amazing and disposable smartphone app. The paper goes on to draw a parallel with Pixar. It is a calamity that proves, unintentionally, how difficult it is to achieve the ingenuity and inventiveness that Pixar creates.

IndieWire writes that there are no dead hands (and takes a wink at Donald Trump). The Emoji Movie is almost as bad and brutally depressing as everything else in 2017.

Hollywood Reporter admits that the appearance of the characters should keep the children awake during the 86 minutes. In the same vein without being too nice, Forbes writes that the film is visually sleek, smart and sometimes relatively harmless but yet it is afraid to go where it wants to go.

When there are no more, there are still some. Ben Stiller and Netflix are currently collaborating on a film focusing not on emo but eggplant! But this time, the project is not intended for children but for a more adult audience since this vegetable is only a metaphor, as it would say, daringly.