Tesla Model 3: Price & Technical Specifications

The official launch event for the Tesla Model 3 is now over and almost all specifications for the vehicle have been revealed.

Tesla Model 3 wants to attract the car buyers outside the luxury niche. At the same time, the electric car manufacturer wants to bring robotics functions into the mass market. Tesla also wants to make its cheaper Model 3 more self-propelled with time. Tesla boss Elon Musk highlighted the eight cameras and a dozen sensors.

First, only the driving assistance functions should be activated. The software for autonomous driving will be loaded later into the vehicles. The plan is that all Teslas can drive completely autonomously, said Musk. Already, robot software run in the background to gather data for the future.

Musk handed over the first 30 Tesla Model 3 cars to their owners in Tesla's factory in Fremont, California, east of San Francisco. Meanwhile, the company had more than half a million pre-orders for the vehicle, said Musk. Most of them came from the home market USA.

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It is the first update to the number, after the announcement of the Model 3 in the spring of last year. By 2020 Tesla is targeting the million mark. For the pre-order, 1000 dollars must be deposited. However, Tesla did not try to gain more pre orders, stressed Musk. Since production would be gradually increased, it would make no sense. The scheduled plans is to build another 100 vehicles in August, then 1500 in September, and then 20,000 by December.

This means that even the predecessors from the first wave could wait until 2018 for their cars. The Model 3 plays a key role in the future of Tesla. With a basic price of 35,000 dollars it brings the electric car manufacturer from the luxury niche into the wide market. The Tesla production is to rise from around 84,000 cars last year to half a million vehicles in 2018 and for 2020, Musk is targeting the million mark.

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At the same time, it is the price segment in which Tesla will face massive competition from large auto manufacturers. They work under high pressure on their own affordable electric vehicle. BMW is expected to be presented an electrical version of its BMW 3 Series at the IAA International Motor Show in September, according to media reports. General Motors is already present in the price segment with its Chevy Bolt.

Tesla also announced more technical specifications of the vehicle. For an additional 9,000 dollars, Tesla offers a more powerful battery that will reach 499 kilometers while the top speed increases to 225 kilometers per hour. And if you want a color other than black, another 1000 dollars will be added. Tesla Model 3 is available in Black, Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic, Silver Metallic, Pearl White Multi-Coat and Red Multi-Coat. Musk assumes that Tesla can lower its prices with increasing production.