Travel in Paraguay Between Nature and Jesuit Missions

by - October 05, 2017

When it comes to travel, Paraguay is like the stepchild among the countries in South America. Paraguay is a landlocked country bordered by Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia. For a long time, Paraguay did not play a big role but has a lot to offer.

Paraguay can be particularly impressive because of its natural beauties. The travel and living conditions in the country are very good. Asunción is a beautiful capital that you should visit while traveling in Paraguay. Here are the highlights and the most beautiful routes for backpackers.

Asunción and Ciudad del Este

With a population of half a million, Asunción is the largest city in Paraguay and the capital. Asunción is also a party and shopping paradise. The sights tell about the long and varied history of Paraguay.

If you want to get a first overview of the city, you have to go to Cerro Lambaré, the Asunción house. From there you have a great view over the city. You can also get to know the national heroes, immortalized there on memorial plaques.

Calle Palma and Mariscal Estigarribia are lively shopping hubs in the heart of Asunción. There are restaurants and shops selling more or less kitschy souvenirs. Plenty of shops sell imitation luxury items such as handbags, shoes, and watches. In the evening the Calle Palma turns into a party mile. The clubs, bars, and street musicians play spontaneous concerts in the open air.

Ciudad del Este is on the border with Brazil and Argentina. The city is lively, especially in the evening and at night. Ciudad del Este does not have many attractions. But there are many casinos, bars, and shops, where you can also buy unusual fashion items.

Paraguay transport

There are no direct flights to Paraguay. You have to change either to Buenos Aires or São Paulo. The best way to travel is by a bus because Paraguay has a wide bus network. This type of travel through the country is not only cheap, it is also very comfortable. For even trips over 10 or 15 hours, there is no problem. The main routes are modern and asphalted, making traveling a pleasure.

Even car hire does not cost a fortune in Paraguay, but a trip in the rental car is not safe. If you want to see the country in this way, then you should not be on your own.

Paraguay budget

Paraguay is a cheap country for backpackers, and with a budget between 40 and 50 Euro you get along well. A room in a simple hostel costs 10 Euro. Bus trips cost about 20 Euro for long distances. The night bus with sleeping facilities is somewhat more expensive. When it comes to food, you can eat for five euros in a simple restaurant.

There are ATMs in all major cities. There are no fees for withdrawals abroad.

Paraguay mobile

You will find almost everywhere free Wi-Fi for your smartphone or laptop.

Paraguay language

In Paraguay, 20 different languages are spoken. The official language is Spanish and Guaraní. It is always good to have a small conversation in Spanish.

Paraguay Best travel time

Paraguay has two climate zones. In the west, the climate is tropical, in the east it is cooler, but also rainier. The best travel times are the months from May to September. Then the temperatures are very mild and pleasant.

In the evening, it can become very cool. So a thicker jacket should always be in the backpack.

Paraguay safety

In the big cities, you should not be traveling alone by night, and the same applies to trips with the rental car. A good tip is always to ask in your accommodation on-site how the situation is on site.

Paraguay overnight stay

A great alternative to hotels and guesthouses are homestays. Here you can either rent a room or even a whole accommodation.

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