Time Travel in Timeless Ohio in North East USA

We travel to Ohio in the USA in the northwest of the country. A vacation or a trip through the USA is not complete until you visit the state of Ohio during your travel. The capital is Columbus, and other places of interest are Cleveland and Cincinnati. Lake Erie is a destination that is certainly worth it. In addition, you should note that Ohio is adjacent to Canada in the north.

Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton are all common names and comes on everyone's lips. However, they are hardly tourist destinations like the metropolises in the Midwest. Many Americans consider Ohio as backward and without progress. However, most of them have never set foot in the state. Politically, Ohio is a very valuable place for the US. It has given at least eight US presidents. You do not need a DeLorean like in Back to the Future to visit the past.

Adjacent states include Pennsylvania in the east, West Virginia in the southeast, Kentucky in the southwest, Indiana in the west and Michigan in the northwest. The Cuyahoga Valley National Park should also be visited on a voyage through the United States.

Our trip begins from the north. We cross the old industrial area of the Rust Belt, from Detroit to Cleveland, the hubs of wrecked postmodern America. We then descended on the way south in the green hills of Ohio. Here the contrast was stronger with cultivated, green, plump and fertile landscapes.

Ohio is pleasant for the soul. It is a time machine for humming around. So I leave my useless mobile phone in the hotel and wind through the farmland, over gentle hills, and through shaded valleys. I see black buggies everywhere in the fields, small lakes, and forests. A farmer rolls his hay over the meadows. It is drawn by four horses. I pass small farms with white wooden fences and meadows.

The Shire from The Lord of the Rings

The Iroquois tribe left some prehistoric remains for the posterity before the first Yankee could ever pronounce the word Ohio. In the Culture National Park in Chillicothe, 23 geometrically arranged grave mounds remind us the Shire of The Lord of the Rings. Here was found the bones of Indian tribes living in this area during the Hopewell culture. A piece of the local culture of this epoch is hard to find in the 50 federal states.

Ohio, however, strongly identifies itself with its natives. It is also because the state owes its present name to the Iroquois. For Ohi-yo means great river in the native language. The time travel continues in Dayton. The Aviation Historic Park is the pioneer of aviation. One thing is clear for the people here. Without Ohio, there would have been no airplanes and no moon landing.

This may sound a bit exaggerated, but the airplane inventors, Orville and Wilbur Wright, as well as the astronauts John Glenn, Neil Armstrong and Jim Lovell, come from Ohio. The museum provides a fascinating insight into the epoch of the most dazzling figures of the aerospace industry after the Victorian era when mankind dreamed of the dream of flying.

Things to do in Ohio

Ohio enchants tourists in the back country with cute farms and hidden villages reminiscent of the small-town America of the Fifties. The flair of the fifties has found a home at the Lake Erie in Cleveland with the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame. Personal objects of great musicians such as Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen fill the 14,000 square-meter Art Deco building and Cleveland's North Coast port.

If you want to enjoy nature in Ohio, you can look forward to the relaxing nature reserve of Lake Erie Islands. The islands off the Marblehead Peninsula are among the most beautiful retreat areas of the state. For hiking lovers and nature lovers, the trip to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is also worthwhile. The area along the Cuyahoga River, which flows through Ohio in numerous turns, consists of wetlands, forests and deep valleys. Hiking trails lead into the graceful nature up to the preserved passages of the historic Ohio & Erie canal.