Travel to New Orleans to Experience the Cradle of Jazz

by - August 07, 2017

After hot Florida, it was now a much hotter city. But not only because of the high temperatures of up to 39 ° C, but also because of the strong vibes, which can be formally felt on every single road. If you want to travel to New Orleans, you should plan at least four or five days to be able to enjoy this great city and surroundings in peace!

What makes a city so special and attractive? For many years I had absolutely wanted to be here and did not really know exactly why. Finally, this dream came true and I can anticipate one thing. This city is different from all the other cities in the world!

New Orleans, also known as NOLA is not only known for unmistakable jazz, but also for an exceptional restaurant and culture scene. I got to know this city for a short time, but it was enough to fall in love with this multifaceted and breathtaking metropolis on the Mississippi.

It's so Frenchy!

The French Quarter covers only 6 x 13 blocks, but they have it all! You can spend five hours on food, shopping, and sightseeing. In addition to the special architecture, there are countless cafes and restaurants, as well as shops, the Visitor Center, the small park called Jackson Square and a few meters further you can stroll along the Mississippi River.

What are the fun things to do alone New Orleans?

In New Orleans, individualism counts! The coolest women wear perfectly combined vintage clothes. Especially in the French Quarter, you can spend hours exploring unusual clothes, jewelry and accessories like bags or sunglasses.

It's so vintage!

Everything you can think can be found in the junk shops from old books, photos, jewelry, pictures, magazines, and decor items of all kinds. And, of course, clothes are also stacked from top to the bottom of these shops. Here you can make great, unusual bargains.

It's so peaceful!

Although it is a very touristy city, there is almost no hassle. At Jackson Square, one can be portrayed in the shadow of one of the many street artists. If you are looking for peace and solitude, you can relax at the City Park in the café with delicious beignets and café au lait.

It's so retro!

Especially in the French Quarter, you will feel a different era. Many buildings are perfectly preserved and sprinkle an irresistible charm. With streetcars from St. Charles Avenue, the Canal Street or Riverfront train lines, you can also easily get to know other parts of New Orleans.

It's so jazzy!

In New Orleans, everything revolves around music. Young artists deserve to be on the streets, and in many restaurants, there is great jazz music like on Frenchmen Street and if that is not enough, you can have fun at one of the numerous festivals or the House of Blues at an exciting gospel brunch.

It's so evil!

Magic is in the air. This is all about voodoo, magic, and rituals. Whoever does not want his fate to be read from one of the many fortune-tellers from the hand and from the cards, can bring his beloved at home a fiery and mean souvenir. Especially in the shops in the French Quarter, you can cover up with creepy articles.

It's so vulnerable!

Although Hurricane Katrina was already eight years past, the traces of this natural catastrophe was still visible in many places. Much of the houses in New Orleans have stood above 7m in the water. Some are still in the state of the time and have not been built up.

It's so different!

Whether or not for the huge cemeteries with monstrous trenches, koi carp, which seem to float on the pavement, or search ads of people who seem to fix one with a penetrating look, sticking to the lantern pole, New Orleans stands out in many ways with an extraordinary variety and uniqueness extreme from other cities.

It's so broken!

North of Jackson Square is the tourist party mile Bourbon Street. It is famous for its clubs, bars, and souvenir shops as well as crazy street artists and musicians. New Orleans, by the way, is one of the few cities in the United States where alcohol can be found in the street.

What are the places for solo dining in New Orleans?

There are so many restaurants in this city that you would need about two years to get to know each one. The food worth tasting are the Gulf Tuna Spring Rolls with marinated, raw tuna fish and watermelon ponzu sauce and birds nest shrimp salad with angel hair pasta. This is a white Kung Fu Girl Riesling from 2011. In food, other than Beignets you should also try Grilled Oysters.

What to know about traveling single in New Orleans?

Quite honestly, this city has to be experienced together! Eat in the great restaurants and enjoy live music, try out a little dance at Frenchmen Street, try out crazy clothes in the vintage shops and explore the many different districts of the city with the streetcars. All of this is not as much fun on your own.

Is it safe to travel to New Orleans alone?

Another issue is security. Many safe quarters are in the immediate vicinity of the ghettoes. In the French Quarter, for example, there are clearly recognizable drug addicts. Therefore, one should not walk the streets alone. It's better to spend a few dollars, to hire for example for a bicycle rickshaw.

New Orleans Travel Tips

At a flat rate for 33 US $, the French Quarter can be reached by taxi from the airport in about 30-45 minutes. A shuttle bus for 20 US $ is also available, but only to certain hotels.

Among attractions, there are also the Nobelviertel Garden District and the Warehouse & Art District. The latter also has one of the top 20 restaurants. You can also spend your time in the many parks, art galleries, theaters, and churches. Even flea markets are a welcome change.

If you are in New Orleans, you should definitely plan a trip to the marshes of Louisiana. A visit to the Plantations is also recommended. Tours can be booked at short notice.

More useful tips can be found on the New Orleans Official Tourism website on food, music, events, and shopping.

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