Book Review: Extra Terrestrial Human

Extra Terrestrial Human by Dhruv Williams is a real thriller around an innocent youngster killing someone for the liberation as he decided to take the most ingenious and treacherous strides of his existence. The individual must still learn a lot.

Freddie was born in outskirts of Houston in the USA but later shifted to India where he learned the existent connotation of being. In the course of the action, Freddie becomes increasingly sympathetic and even reveals responsibility, awareness, and compassion.

While fleeing from his life, he also watches love, creativity and objectives fly past his life. His soul becomes an extended conscience for his dual traits. Both have to get together to survive. Freddie here moves in the imaginable, classic boundaries but is never boring. He is and moves as in spirit and on a human level.

Most of the anti-heroes like Freddie are more or less on the good side. Here it is a different scenario where we see that killers, psychopaths, serial killers also have a humane side. Well, there are a lot of stereotypes for these characters who are now firmly rooted in the media, literature, and films.

These protagonists are usually portrayed as silent and quite individual characters. A tragic past is also written to them on the body, and precisely at this point, writers and directors have done splendidly in the wide field of character development.

In their vocation, many legends, stories, and even more prejudices are involved, and because they are the way they are, they are strongly represented in the literature.

The book is logical and damn exciting. The story will firmly clasp the reader and convince everyone with a colorful mix of sounds. The author introduces us to the gray world of our subtle minds. As a prelude to a series about the sympathetic killer, the novel is absolutely gripping. The style of the author is very good.

The short sentences and dialogues are confined to the essentials, and in the temporal action, nothing is further refined. The idea behind this book is really good. With this book, the author wants to bring the readers closer to the mind of the people and show that they are not as dusty as most people think. The writing style of the author is really outstanding.

The design of the characters is good. The reader can have a good glimpse of Freddie's past. The book convinces me and guarantees that the tension remains from the first to the last page.

The book is written like a screenplay that you can almost film instantly. The jumps between the time frames happen with a conscious decision of the protagonists. Sometimes a door emerges, sometimes plunging into a pit or a certain scene brings us to a new destination.

As a reader is a silent observer of the whole and has never had any knowledge, one can easily get into Freddie and experience everything as breathless and unpredictable as he is.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 144 ♥ Publisher: Cyberwit ♥ Published: 25 May 2017 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9385945847