Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD: The Return of Damayanti Book Review

Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD: The Return of Damayanti is a book by Nisha Singh that turns back to the typical horror, dark powers, and protagonists. The action is also a little less organized and structured. Other than the investigation of our protagonist, his nervous strength and personal development seemed to be in the foreground.

The book convinces me with a nerve-racking writing style, disturbing characters, lively pictures and a gruesome plot. I personally love the supernatural elements as they appear here in the book.

In the course of the book, the author manages to leave the reader in the belief that they know how the action can develop. It is all the more exciting to follow the story, because, of course, everything is completely different and nothing is as it is believed. As a reader, you are always brought back to the proverbially wrong track to realize only in the end that everything comes full circle.

The Cover

For books in this genre, the covers are not so important to me. But this one has something. After reading the book, it gives me the context. And I have to say the cover fits perfectly. The book is divided into several smaller chapters.

Short description

Bhrigu Mahesh, the private investigator is back as Nataraj Bhakti, a hapless, retired clerk calls Bhrigu to the scene after experiencing peculiar changes around him. He thinks that his dead wife is creating unimaginable horror for him. Bhrigu, the good-man, whose imagination is not enough at first to believe in the forces of evil, still mobilizes all forces to combat the evil.

Impressions of Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD: The Return of Damayanti

This is the second volume of the Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD series after The Witch of Senduwar. The stress curve falls again and again through quieter passages. In my opinion, it is not at all bad because these are simply needed for the background story. This tension stays high constantly through the whole book.

The book begins with a gloomy horror that gradually creeps into the story and takes possession of us. The scenarios and thoughts sneak into the course of action. The reader is very conscious of what the author is at work here, thus making the action even more sinister. Her way of generating subterranean horror remains something on the track.

The struggles for action resulted in a brilliant overall picture, which is simply unimaginable. The action is also conspicuous once again that is simply conclusive and perfectly understandable. It is simply brilliant.


The characters have evolved according to the story and provide for some surprises. The representation of the characters and their development within the book is top class. The personal development of the characters and escalation of the conflicts succeeds. The murderer also appears even more malicious.

I liked the development of the main character very much. Bhrigu comes out much more than himself and more energetically. The character traits are not only super, but the personality is also becoming clearer. He looks very realistic and in no way flat. Bhrigu once again inspired me. The dramatic development around his figure, his determination, and his tenacity are absolutely enthralling that come across authentically.

Then I would like to point out that the characters somehow have something real in themselves. It fascinated me on the one hand but at the same time disturbed me. The characters all have a character that emanates sympathy. There are the ones from the nice and dear characters to the dreaded villains. I was fascinated by the mix of characters.

Writing style

The writing style is casual and very good to read. It feels like coming home every time. The author writes very figuratively and authentically. She uses a very detailed writing style alternated with quiet passages and goes more deeply into the course of action.

Again and again, she describes scenes so pictorially that the atmosphere always remains oppressive and threatening. Nevertheless, I was tied up by the plot and did not want to put the book out of my hands till I finished.

Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD: The Return of Damayanti is a real page-turner and it was really impossible to keep the book out of my hands. Only the exhaustion left me in the evening to get the book out of my hands, but, I had it again in the morning before breakfast. Even while cooking I held the book in the hand.

The author mixes pop culture elements, which is inspiring and the individual incidents are described atmospherically. It is simply exciting.


The book is great. I liked it because of the idea of action and its implementation. If you are looking for a successful, exciting and captivating crime thriller, this is the one. The tension rises from page to page with deepening action, despite being more than 400 pages long. The atmosphere is mystical and simply grand.

I am very curious about whether this series will be filmed because precisely such pictures have triggered the book in my head.

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