Bali Island – One Of The Best Island I Have Ever Visited

Bali Island is in Indonesia on its western side to the Lesser Sunda Island. The island is occupied by the Hindu and the Islam communities. The Hindus occupy the largest population with an estimated percentage of 92.30%. The Bali Island has many people as it’s estimated to be occupied by 3.8 million people. Bali Island is said to be the first on the incoming generating through Tourism. It is also known for its art works like dancing, sculpture, painting, music, metal works and the leather.

Attractions At Bali Island

Other than the island itself as an attraction, Bali Island has many other attractions. Art and Painting are taken like a big career in the area and has contributed a lot to the island since many have taken it seriously and have generated lots of money as well due to many Tourists who flock the area and buy the arts in bulky to take them to home countries.

The island also is known to produce nice and good music, nice dancers and singers as well. Lots of people will flock Bali Island just to come and see for themselves the beautiful voiced people and dancers. Bali Island is known to produce the best leather and this has also boosted it economically.

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How to get to Bali Island

There are many ways to get you to the Bali Island. The common and cheapest is referred to as Bemo which is a small van occupied by fewer people. It's a government project and so it’s relatively cheaper compared to the other means. Buses are also there but quit faster and bigger than the Bemo, Thus making it relatively expensive. You can decide to go for a taxi which is the most convenient means in the area. Many companies have gone for the idea to do a Taxi business.

Don’t hesitate to go for the taxi thinking is expensive; it’s relatively low comparing it with any other country. Rental cars, bicycles, and motorbikes are also available. An international driving license would be required. For the motorcycle, you have to have a helmet which is compulsory. In Bali Island, there is also Dokar which is a horse ride means of transport.

Currently it is not common as the government has cut the public means to private means. Cruises are also available to get you to the neighboring Islands, as well as boats for shorter distances.

Hotels in Bali Island

There are quite a number of hotels in the Bali island that cater for your sleeping, resting, refreshment, and meals. Bali island is a known island offering good tourism. The friendly people will welcome and treat you with the highest respect. This is a nice and interesting place to be that will leave you wanting to be there forever. Book a visit to Bali Island and have the best tour ever.