Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Gentleman with Sidharth and Jacqueline

How about a little action? It must be admitted that the year was rather poor in terms of stunts and action blockbusters in Bollywood. It's reason enough to look at the case of A Gentleman. This film directed by Raj & DK duo (Go Goa Gone, Shor In The City) and produced by Fox Star Studio casts Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez, and a player with very little insight in recent years, namely Suniel Shetty.

A Gentleman tells the story of Gaurav, a model employee with a well-ordered life who is in a relationship with Kavya. The latter would like to live a life full of adventures and twists. The adventure lands when Gaurav is confused with Rishi, a man with a much more risky life.

On the classic postulate of the double role, A Gentleman develops an action comedy that announces a complete and uninhibited entertainment.

Will Sidharth be able to sign a brilliant comeback at the box office with this film in a genre he has never really explored? Will Raj & DK sign another high-quality, original production? The answers will be given during its release in cinemas on August 25, but the trailer can already give us an idea. Here's the video:

Raj & DK is an atypical duo in Bollywood. Both men studied cinema in the United States. And the result is seen on screen with constant Hollywood references, a more international style and a shifted humor that is clearly unusual in India. A Gentleman confirms the norm! Far from the masala action comedy, we have a film with ambitious visuals. It takes advantage of its budget to make the big show. It finds its humor in the dialogues and the improbable situations rather than in the ridiculous fights and the redundant jokes.

A Gentleman images

The result is a trailer with an imposing style. It manages to make our eyes full while making us laugh. Sidharth Malhotra seems to excel in his dual role. He handles well both the calm character and the flat life. The second is more risky and intense. His charisma on the screen will certainly make the experience stronger.

We also cannot wait to see Jacqueline Fernandez at work on the action sequences. Finally, Suniel Shetty may well be the film's good surprise in a negative role. It is a record that he mastered very well. Raj & DK confirms their talent with what seems to be a pure uninhibited blockbuster. They do not forget to be funny and change what the Indian commercial cinema has accustomed us.

From the black comedy to the zombie comedy, to the romantic comedy and now the action comedy, the duo proved that they know how to instill comic talent.