Ubisoft Unveils Beyond Good & Evil 2 At E3 2017

Beyond Good and Evil 2 images

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is back! At E3 2017, nine years after the original revelation, Ubisoft has once again presented the game created by Michel Ancel. The presentation was made with a trailer, found itself on top of the news. On stage, Michel Ancel thanked Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot. It was great excitement for the game designer, who was waiting to resubmit the game for some time.

The game will not be a sequel, but a prequel to the first adventure. Ancel has also made a call to his fans, to get them involved in the development. You can take part in this adventure simply by signing up at Space Monkey program.

In Beyond Good & Evil 2 players will embark on a trip to System 3, a vast multicultural and diverse solar system and interstellar colonization and the hub of trade in the twenty-fourth century. The game world is vast and full of unexpected events, such as space pirates. Within this solar system, we can check gigantic spacecraft fighting for freedom against multinational corporations, who over the years have created several hybrid creatures to exploit them as slaves.

At the moment it is still unclear what kind of game Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be. The information disclosed by Ubisoft are not very clear in this respect, but the game will give players the opportunity to dive into the foundation of the franchise and will travel between the planets and moons in search of adventure. The game will certainly have an online component and players can explore the worlds with their friends.

At the moment no launch window has been specified for Beyond Good & Evil 2 or reference platforms.