Travel in Sardinia

by - June 22, 2017

Straddling land and sea, art and cuisine, in the collective imagination, Sardinia is synonymous with fabulous sea, the sun, well-being, and nature. Last weekend I could finally enjoy a taste of this region and now I can say I too, Sardinia is nothing short of fabulous. Rhododendrons and oleander frame the landscape spreading a heady scent in the air.

This is the first good feeling I had when I arrived at the resort that hosted me during my stay in Sardinia. But the real protagonist of the landscape is the deep blue sea. That sea is not only joy for the eyes, but also for the ears. Because the sweet sound of the waves lulled me any time of day, especially during the night when in the silence of my room, I could hear was the sway of the sea.

The sea that surrounded my resort is the sea of the Ogliastra, one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. The coast was indented and extremely varied. If in some areas it was interrupted by deep inlets, in other areas it presented impressive rocks and different colors. Among the many beaches, the one I liked best was the Bay Nuraghe with its enormous smooth rocks that reminded me of Koh Tao, a Thai island. Small, intimate and slightly hidden, this bay was my ideal pleasure to unplug from the world.

The smaller and more impressive were the variety of animals that inhabited the park from Barbary sheep, donkeys, goats, horses, ducks, and wild boar that was so small I had never seen and a beautiful buckskin. And most of these animals were in freedom.

The biggest, however, was the seduction by thalassotherapy and its many benefits, which I had the great pleasure of experiencing after having studied it only theoretically for years. It is a therapy that uses the therapeutic properties and the elements contained in seawater to perform an anti-stress and revitalizing action which benefits the entire body. In fact, the sea is a general stimulator of all functions of our body.

Here is a complete itinerary of an island that impresses with the natural contrasts, the lights, the worldliness, the colors, the ancient traditions, untouched nature of the islands from the turquoise sea to the rugged mountains of the hinterland.

DAY 1: Arrival in Sardinia

Departure by flight to Olbia and then the Costa Smeralda.

DAY 2: Palau

Full day excursion tour of Palau, through the ferry to the spectacular island of La Maddalena with Caprera, where we visited the Garibaldi Compendium. We continue through the seaside road of Palau, which included astounding views of the bays on the smaller islands and the nearby Corsica until we reach the spectacular Bear Rock, that we reach through a walk uphill, but with a wonderful breathtaking seaside location.

DAY 3: Castelsardo

We visit Castelsardo, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, founded on 114 meters high promontory, which overlooks the spacious Gulf of Asinara. We also do some shopping here. We also stop at the Elephant Rock.

DAY 4: Alghero

We visit Alghero, the charming old town with Gothic palaces and centuries-old walls. This ancient Catalan village on the sea was surrounded by an infinite number of colors and landscapes. The afternoon was dedicated to the natural beauty of its surroundings with the imposing promontory of Capo Caccia where there are the caves of Neptune, the most famous and largest in Sardinia. We also visit Sassari, the main town in the north of Sardinia and the Trinity of Saccargia. Santu Antine, in Terralba, was unmistakable with the compact size and high 17 meters tower.

DAY 5: Nuoro - Orgosolo

Nuoro is an important center of Barbagia with the House-Museum of Grazia Deledda, the Nobel Prize winner for Literature. We continue to Orgosolo, famous for its murals on the facades of houses and around the country. We have a heritage trail through the traditional male choral singing in the company of the shepherds!

DAY 6: Tharros

We visit Tharros, the Phoenician city protected by sand dunes. Later we take a short train to Capo San Marco. Then, driving along the territory, we see a new face of Sardinia, linked to the exploitation of the subsoil. In Carbonia, one of the youngest cities in Italy, we visit the largest coal mine in Serbariu.

DAY 7: Cagliari

We visit Cagliari, Sardinia's capital founded by the Phoenicians. It is situated on seven hills and is surrounded by imposing towers and bastions overlooking the Bay of Angels. We continue to Sant'Antioco and visit the Cathedral with the catacombs, the place of imprisonment and death of Antiochus. From the Cagliari airport, we take the return flight.

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