Pitch Perfect 3: The Barden Bellas Return

It's time to sing. Universal Pictures has released the first official trailer for Pitch Perfect 3, the film that saw the protagonists Barden Bellas in previous two rounds. The saga, now in its third chapter will review the main characters played by Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Hailee Steinfeld and Elizabeth Banks.

The latter, who recently raised a fuss against the Steven Spielberg film Giant, in Pitch Perfect 2 has also held the position of director. But for this third round ceded the honor to Trish Sie (Step it Up: All In), limiting herself to be not only an actress but also a producer of the film.

A new addition to the cast for this third appointment will be John Lithgow (The Twilight Zone) and Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black).

Pitch Perfect 3 images

Pitch Perfect 1 arrived in theaters in 2012 and grossed 115.3 million dollars worldwide, producing a soundtrack of great success with several singles including Cups sung by Anna Kendrick. Riding the wave of success, Universal Pictures has decided to continue with the sequel.

Pitch Perfect 2 even surpassed the expectations of the first and grossed 287.5 million worldwide. The third round in the trailer is prophetically called The farewell tour, so we understand that (maybe) it will be the last.

The graduates had left victorious two years ago, but in the Pitch Perfect 3, Barden Bellas are now officially adults. Finding space for music in their lives seems a tall order until they choose to invest their talents in a new adventure armed with suitcases and good will. The Bellas leave to join the USO tour in Europe. It would not be a real Pitch Perfect without a little healthy singing competition, right?

Among the stars confirmed is Hailee Steinfeld, who is also in talks to be the protagonist of the spin-off of Bumblebee in the Transformers saga.

Pitch Perfect 3 will hit theaters on December 22, 2017.