Munna Michael Movie Review

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Here comes the fourth film from the actor Tiger Shroff and there is an immense change of gender with an independent and original project. What? You really believed it? A little seriously let's see! For his fourth film the young actor continues in his series of masalas mixing dance, action, and romance, an all in one already seen packaging that smells thawed, and commercial goals aimed at the general public.

Whoever seems to be the only actor of his generation to concentrate more on the single screens than on the multiplexes returns with Munna Michael, a masala directed by Sabbir Khan with whom he already does his third film. It must be said that the only film he shot without him (A Flying Jatt) ended in a bitter failure. After the retrograde Heropanti and the sympathetically plagiarized Bhaagi, our winning duo returns for a dance and action film in the form of a tribute to Michael Jackson, all with the Indian spices.

The huge surprise of the project, however, remains the absolutely improbable presence of Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who must pay his bills between two independent masterpieces that do not attract enough audience in theaters. The film also marks the debut in the cinema of the top model Nidhhi Agerwal. Here's the trailer:

So what can we draw from this extract? Munna Michael seems to be a summary of all that is expected of a Tiger Shroff film with impressive choreographies, commercial elements with many action sequences and a lack of acting on the part of the person concerned. The film appears to be an ABCD on steroids to which one would have added masala action to reach more audiences.

And the operation is highly likely to work since the ensemble is presented as pure entertainment uncomplexed as the Indian audience likes them. The film is a surprising assumption with Nawazuddin Siddiqui as a local sponsor who dreams of becoming a dancer. Nawazuddin captivates once again and confirms his incredible talent for transforming each of his roles.

Aside from that, Munna Michael joins the list of Indian blockbusters without bottom or originality with a generic aspect in the direction, a hero that perfectly resembles the other characters of Tiger Shroff, an absolutely transparent heroine and a predictable scenario from start to end.

We will wait all the same for Munna Michael for the choreographies that seem impressive, confirming that Hrithik Roshan has to worry to be done for his title of the best dancer in Bollywood. Here is a film that takes place in the coherent lineage of what Tiger Shroff has accustomed us. Maybe it would be time to learn to play because his sympathy and his flexible legs risk losing by force. The release is scheduled for July 21, 2017.