Monster Hunter World - All You Need To Know About

Monster Hunter World was announced during the Sony conference at E3 2017 and is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the beginning of 2018. Here is more detail from the official press release from Capcom.

During the E3 press conference Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), Capcom, a leading global developer and publisher of video games, announced Monster Hunter World, the new chapter of the celebrated RPG franchise that, sold over 40 million units in the course of its history.

Monster Hunter World introduces a complex living ecosystem where players assume the role of hunters of wild beasts and compete in frantic battles that will grow into the largest hunting ground ever developed in the history of this series. The new multiplayer drop-in system allow you to play alone or collaboratively with three other hunters, also from other regions of the world.

For the first time the Japanese hunters will be able to collaborate with the West. Monster Hunter World will be launched simultaneously around the world, in early 2018, for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and later also for PC.

Monster Hunter World will retain the classic progression system based on the gameplay and a robust crafting system, where hunters will venture in exciting quests in search of monsters, collect loot from slain enemies that will be used to create new equipment and improve armor. These upgrades will be crucial to survive the elements and to be able to defeat the most powerful enemies that will be faced later in the game.

Monster Hunter World offers a gaming experience with no interruptions where players can move freely through maps that include living dynamic ecosystems and transitions from day to night. The flora and fauna of the hunting grounds play a crucial role in the quest. The players must use to their advantage all the possibilities offered by the environment and use their wits and experience to keep track of their prey and address them in intense and unpredictable battles.

The many options in the multiplayer mode and the flexible structure of this, allow hunters to face the challenges alone or in the company of three other players online. For the first time in the history of the Japanese hunters, the Monster Hunter series will play along with those of the West to create an extended global community. Thanks to the drop-in hunters feature while playing in single-player mode, players can ask for help from community members when they face opponents who are too strong to be defeated.