Saturday, June 17, 2017

Lightning McQueen is Back in Cars 3

Cars 3 images wallpaper

As already announced in the past few months, on June 17 arrive in theaters a new feature film from Pixar titled Cars 3. But before we see back in action Lightning McQueen, the talking car with a little rust problems, the spectators as usual will see an animated short, or Lou.

At this time it was the widespread teaser trailer and as we see Lou is the name derived from the missing letters from the words Lost and Found. The protagonist, in fact, is a box of lost items at a primary school which, in all probability, comes alive to defend young students from the actions of a malicious bully. The short film director Dave Mullin addressed the issue of bullying based on firsthand experiences.

The tradition of animated shorts before feature films is well established within Pixar, which uses it to test new techniques but also to launch new directors and artists. The short last year, Piper, before widespread Finding Dory, was awarded the Oscar in 2017. Yesterday it was announced that instead, before the Christmas will be released one titled Coco, the short film that will screen Olaf's Frozen Adventure.

We have to spend the summer, but on June 17 we will finally see if the old Lightning McQueen is still able to win a race, although it has to face younger and faster opponents.

The story is well known. Lightning won a lot and is much loved by the public, but as time passes for everyone and so here it has to deal with the most technologically advanced and consequently faster adversaries of it. Things are even worse after a terrible accident, but it turns out to be an opportunity to share as the new training, new and old friends and a last chance to assert itself.

Sometimes it is right to stop and analyze the market three hundred and sixty degrees, and what emerges looking with a little attention in this generation of consoles is that, unlike the one that preceded it, the children's games are gradually disappearing.

Activision has virtually abandoned games licensed from movies and cartoons, but there were also many other houses who were responsible for producing entertainment for a very young audience have stopped almost completely to offer this, which in the past was extremely effective from this point of view.

Looking at the catalog at our disposal, there are few titles that can be played along with their babies, and we turn to the infinite series of LEGO games under license to save the situation. Is the market is no longer profitable for this type of games? Or perhaps more simply, is there no more interest in attracting an audience so young to the home console?

The buzz is interesting and would certainly expand but what interests us today is that to break these patterns Warner Bros is back with the license of Cars 3 and is determined to exploit the commercial trailer of the film to place also the official video game on the shelves. We decided to take an early look at the production to see if and how much value there is hidden behind this handful of dusty polygons.

The first interesting thing to say about this Cars 3 is that, fortunately, is not the common riciclone of events seen in the film. Of course, we are still talking of a racing game where you have to finish first or score the most points that is the essential thing, but the story will be later than that of the film, giving a sense of continuity that always will be appreciated.

The development was entrusted to Warner Bros. Games, together with the talented minds that a few years ago had given birth to Disney Infinity and indeed of substance this title has a lot more than they would suggest a first glimpse. Unfortunately, the technical sector did not feel particularly when cured, at least to the slopes, even if the models of the cars, whether precisely from the film, they reproduce in every detail the darlings of the younger ones.

There are about twenty characters available, including of course stand Lightning McQueen, Mater and Jackson Storm and, although the performance should be very different, the race statistics will be the same for everyone, so that we can choose to taste and not for effectiveness. A smart decision to meet the target audience but strania once on track when racing alongside cars from Daytona find school buses and trucks.

It matters little, anyway. Cars 3 proved to be a good title, pad in hand, one of those games that does not want to point to break through the roof excellence but do not skimp, however a mechanical Most little than usual, however, coming up with a good number of modes designed to hold high the overall longevity of the title.

In addition to classic sprint races there will indeed be competitions of acrobatics but also battles where to use missiles and various weaponry to blow up the highest number of vehicles in a time limit. You can not miss even a split screen finally for a content package really nice hearty.

Even the gameplay is not as straightforward as one would expect, but attempts to offer in its own way an alternative vision of Mario Kart, taking advantage of some elements of the arcade racing game par excellence (such as random bonuses to collect on the track) and adding us also some completely new ideas. From always keep under control there will then be a turbo bar, which will be recharged driving in reverse, putting on the opponent's wake or performing acrobatic jumps, and which then can be used to lengthen the distances from trackers or exploit one of the numerous proposals shortcuts from paths.

The interesting thing is that to perform any of these tricks to charge your turbo will make you lose speed, requiring a little 'strategy, therefore, to understand when you show off your driving skills and when to seek simply to hold a clean line to finish first at the finish. A not entirely convincing, unfortunately, it is the physics of the cars and bumps, really sketchy, and a visual impact that, as we said initially, limps noticeably, partly because of color choices not exactly spot on.

There is also to be considered from this point of view, Cars 3: In the race for victory was thought to be a cross-generation title and get to the carpet on virtually all existing consoles, including the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch. To get their hands on, however we will have to wait until next September 14, when also will release the film. If you have a child who is lover of cars and speed and Disney characters, think well as the production seems to have all the credentials to be able to entertain.