Days Gone Is Shown at E3 In A New Gameplay Sequence

Days Gone images

After allowing room for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and the Horizon: Zero Dawn, Sony continued its E3 2017 conference showing again the Days Gone gameplay, initially announced at the last edition of the PlayStation Experience. Days Gone is back again in 2017, at the Shrine Theater stage in Los Angeles, ready to close ranks of the Playstation legion, and this time decided to indulge in a little more. The movie, which you can see on top of the news, presents us with the hordes of zombies that were already present in the trailer reveal of the game.

Meanwhile, our protagonist moves the map and try to get ahead first with melee combat, and then act in a cunning way. Unfortunately, we do not have a launch date for Days Gone. To be honest, the last year has been described as too cold, even a little unfair. There are those who speak of a blatant resemblance to The Last of Us, others were unconvinced with the general title of the atmosphere.

The fact is that the first contact with the centaur Deacon was not just those memorable. Maybe this time it was just a matter of wrong timing of too unclear intent despite six minutes of play because the title of Bend Studio still had something interesting, a flicker, and finally solving some of our original questions. There are still missing some pieces of the puzzle, of course, and It is not unimportant, but finally, we have to discuss that.

We had some clues from the last E3 of the camp that can be seen at the beginning, and this time, to further catalyze our attention was that brief session riding the motorcycle. If you remember well, in fact, in the old trailer Deacon uses it only for a few meters, whereas here, we got to see her in the street.

The camera moves away from the driver and is positioned centrally, greatly increasing the perception of the player, leaving also other mechanics of the game world. The handling, for example, judging by the movements, seems rather for an arcade, and thus suitable for tight spaces and more uneven and rough terrain. The asphalt is there but is not necessarily a safe ground on which to move.

Arriving at a junction, a wolf pursues us, attacking us from right, and Deacon knocks it down quickly with a short bullet time. It appeared to be safe, and yet here we are on the ground sore, dismounted from a trap at the taut wire. Also come into play human enemies, a kind of street bandits who attack at once with their bare hands,.

The protagonist struggles, reacts, and the camera emphasizes all movements from the cinematic, and here, to be honest, the similarity with the Last of Us is seen and how it is a semi-scripted finishing move, like those of Joel. Once reconditioned, it follows a brief moment of distension, which accompanies the exploration of the surrounding woods to the place of the accident.

Deacon moves cautiously, perhaps looking for a bit of that loot we know to be his most useful for crafting. The setting of the forest seems to be quite extensive and well-made, thanks to a good arrangement of elements and a high complexity of the level design, while the proportions of scale suggest an equally big map and varied. The section below, in fact, see a sudden change of assets in favor of a more open space: there is a bed of a river, a clearing and a kind of encampment complete with makeshift barricades.

Again the bandits, possibly armed, and certainly in numerical superiority. And here comes in the mechanics of stealth, this one similar to that of Naughty Dog title regarding the pace and dynamics of concealment. There is now a phase of analysis of the area, using an old pair of binoculars, and then takes action: Luck has it that just before our hero has spotted a group (or herd) of ravenous zombies in World War Z.

With a homemade bomb, the air Deacon blows everything, infecting directly on hostile human beings in no time at all. The action is fast and absolutely and not scripted as if to imply that the situation could be resolved in another way. In a moment the protagonist finds himself alone, and advances making their way among the corpses, until it reaches the ultimate enemy, the only survivor, was unhurt on a platform built on a tree.

Part of the final cutscene, the very cinematic, summed up the classic situation of impasse with a third element that acts as a hostage in the middle. The ally is held captive by the bandit, gun to his head, and is likely to be executed with a shot to the head. With a not just able move, the latter manages to break free, leaving Deacon's room for maneuver needed to cool the enemy.

Finally there is a brief dialogue in a relaxed tone, as always happens when you escaped a serious danger, but of course, even this time of peace is short-lived. He made his entrance on the scene, in fact, a giant brown bear, which on closer inspection is also infected; The video ends well, with the two survivors petrified in front of the monstrosity that advances.

On second thought, in an interview dating back exactly one year ago, the developers had confessed that the zombies (if you can call it) would not have been the only enemies. Are they referred to the bandits and an infected animal, or perhaps meant something even more supernatural?

Days Gone is shown again in this E3 2017, leaving to understand a bit better, but still remain at elusive times. Exploring the best there are, as the idea of the horde of infected, which continues to be one of the pillars of gameplay, crafting and free-roaming travel by motorcycle. Stealth, then, as similar to what we saw in The Last of Us looks great approach to the dynamics of the stock, especially if the freedom of approach will be as concrete as it seems.

The graphics also do not seem bad, and it is an open-world, it is the characters that the environments are very well characterized. It remains to understand the tone, and especially the content of the narrative since according to developers should be the glue that holds the whole work.

To date, the real problem of Days Gone is not so much the similarity or not with the famous cousin of Naughty Dog, but the fact that the release date is announced for the first quarter of 2018, which is far away. We know too little, but fortunately, in the next few days we have already planned a thorough hands-on at the booth of Sony, and maybe finally, we will have our answers.