Thursday, June 15, 2017

Daddy: Arjun Rampal will play one of the best roles

Daddy movie arjun images poster

Daddy is an Indian style gangster movie. After playing the role of a policeman in Kahaani 2 last December, Arjun Rampal returns on the big screen with an ambitious role. The actor interprets the gangster become politician Arun Gawli in a biopic named Daddy. Gawli is an intriguing and fascinating character who has constantly created the debate from his early days in a neighborhood gang to his rise to the top of the Indian mafia until his conversion to politics.

His nickname Daddy says a lot about the dilemma around the character. Considered a corrupt and merciless criminal by some, he was nicknamed Daddy, the father of the people and compared to a modern Robinhood by the disadvantaged classes. It is of this controversial figure that the director Ashim Ahluwalia decided to base his third feature film.

The filmmaker to whom we owe the absolute masterpiece Miss Lovely released in 2012 chose to stage Arjun Rampal in the lead role, with the actress of South, Aishwarya Rajesh in the role of Asha Gawli as well as Rutvij Patel in an important role. Here's the trailer:

From the first images, we find the leg of filmmaker Ashim Ahluwalia with his oppressive photography, his organic image that emphasizes the characters in a carnal way (each mark on the body, each drop of perspiration seems highlighted). A powerful and visually exciting realization that gives the cinema of Ahluwalia all its interest. To this is added an Arjun Rampal which seems simply excellent in its role, playing to perfection the dichotomy of the character.

As for the scenario, the epic of a modern gangster does not seem very original and the genre is so popular in India that it seems difficult to bring anything radically new. However, Daddy looks like a biopic apart. Far from the glamorized gangsters like in Raees or Sarkar, the film arises with a rough and violent style that seems perfectly suitable for the purpose.

Far from masala, Daddy seems to be a rough film whose viewing experience will spare neither the viewer nor its characters. So it is a success for this trailer that manages to attract interest around the project. With its release scheduled for July 21, we are not sure if Daddy can manage to win in the middle of the summer blockbusters. However, any self-respecting moviegoer can only be intrigued by a new film by Ashim Ahluwalia.