Chef Movie Review

What about cooking? India is one of the countries with the greatest traditional and culinary richness. It is a subject that has enough to inspire films. Yet one may get surprised to see how Indian films on cooking are rare. And when the theme gets approached, it is very secondary as in Salaam Namaste or Dawaat-e-Ishq.

The Lunchbox used food as a bridge to unite unknown strangers. One still awaits a great culinary film. It is in this context that Chief comes off. It is an official remake of the eponymous film of Jon Favreau released in 2014.

With Raja Krishna Menon as the director after Airlift, we already have enough to hope for quality. To this is Saif Ali Khan in the main role. Even though the actor is struggling to regain success in recent times, he reminded us in Rangoon how good he can be.

The film follows the journey of a starred chef overwhelmed by his work. He leaves everything and creates his own food truck in India to get closer to his son. The secondary cast has few known faces.

The young son is Svar Kamble, seen in some short films. Padmapriya Janakiraman seen in the southern film will also play an important role. Chef is co-produced by Raja Krishna Menon as well as the Kumar brothers of T-Series.

When Airlift came out, I had criticized Menon for not being able to live up to the incredible story he was telling. Now that he returns with his third direction, it seems that the director is much more comfortable. The film is aesthetic, clean and neat. The landscapes and soft music contribute to the feel-good atmosphere of a road movie. Everything is there to make Chef an enjoyable experience.

The theme of the film is very interesting. We can only welcome the simple but not simplistic treatment adopted by the director. It also seems to highlight the sequences of cooking.

In Chef, it is Saif Ali Khan who has the opportunity to illustrate the most. The actor is convincing. He confirms his charisma and his subtle play once again on the screen. The young Svar Kamble seems to be doing very well too. What seems to be the strength of Chef is that it keeps the qualitative spirit of the original film. It transposes it in an Indian context with local flavors.

And by Indian context, one does not hear Bollywood kitsch! Its sober staging will appeal the public of multiplexes and big cities. It could create surprise with positive reviews and sound word-of-mouth.

That's all we want. Chef is definitely very promising! The film will release in cinemas on October 6.