The Boy from Pataliputra Book Review

The Boy from Pataliputra by Rahul Mitra is a well thought out novel that is intense and each page contains mysteries and doubts and the reader cannot take their eyes off until the end of the book. But when finished, the mind will be still trapped between those lines, to live the intense moments.

It is impossible to tell a story without a point of view. This book retraces the revolt of students from Takshashila University, especially Aditya and his inner struggles along with the vision of a man who is still suspended between myth, legend and reality: Alexander. From the purely historical point of view the facts are very simple and familiar to anyone.

The characters that revolve around Aditya's life are interesting and thanks to these characterizations the messages come strong and clear which depict the most fragile side of this man and the shaded colours. The characters are numerous, well-defined and interesting.

This is a very nice book that you have to read that presents a surprising disenchanted vision to conceive the power of lucid realism to be applied to the problems and find a concrete solution to each of them.

This is a creative product that possesses its dignity, placing itself well above recent ones where characters lose their historiographic truthfulness in order to bend inexorably to the ruthless market laws. It is not a book like any other, and not because of the peremptory title but, because of the high content it contains.

Although initially everything seems quiet, the tension grows with the pages. The story becomes more and more exciting as we push forward through the pages. I recommend it to anyone willing to read a brilliant and exciting narrative at the same time and among other things is not excessively long that can be read in a few hours!

The book is well written and has a certain urgency that will urge readers to turn the pages and is never predictable. There is nothing superfluous, but everything is plain and simple. It is an enjoyable read, not to be missed.