Life: A Pendulum between Peace and Stress

"Tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is who you are."

Thought provoking lines, right?

Our life is always caught up between - Our desire for peace (relaxation) and our uncontrollable tension causing thoughts.

No wonder what's your age, you are always trying to maintain a balance between stress and peace. Actually, if we broadly analyse our life, we can say that our life is a cycle, with stress and peace as its two wheels. You put a little bit more pressure on either of the wheel and there you are, tumbling on the ground.

So, what basically causes stress or let's say tension?

Well, it depends on an individual. For instance, 'Stress' might only be a word for a school going kid, who probably has no bigger tension than his homework. For a young man who has completed his education and is not getting a proper job,'Stress' might be his catchphrase. Thus, it depends from person to person, how he evaluates this, not so pleasant sounding word, 'Stress'.

But no wonder how you define it, what you call it and how often you come across this term, YOU SHOULD LEARN TO HANDLE IT.

I know it is easy to say this. But it's a fact. As I had said earlier, our life is a cycle which has to maintain a balance between its two wheels (Peace and stress). But what we often do is we pay a great amount of pressure on this particular wheel called Stress. This leads to problems and our life starts sliding downwards. Stress, as we all know is bad for our health. Stress causes high blood pressure, heart diseases, hair fall, eyes strain etc. Not only this, stress has many long term effects also.

How to reduce stress naturally

Of course, in the time we live, it's impossible to totally eliminate stress from our life. But we can try to reduce it.

Firstly, STOP THINKING ABOUT THE FUTURE. This is probably the most stressful statement. Concentrate on the present times. Live your present then only you can make your future better. Try to enjoy this present time without taking tension for the future.

Secondly, spend some time with your family. Discuss whatever big or small problem you have, with them. They are your family, they will help you, they care for you and thus they will be there.

Another simple advice: Have a hobby. According to a survey, reading books reduces stress by 67%. It's not important to have only reading as your hobby. The main point is to have a hobby. When we do something, which we love, apart from our job, we feel great. It gives us relaxation. It makes us happy. Ultimately, it reduces our stress.

Thus try to live a life which is simple, which is amazing, and which is your perfect version of an 'Ideal Life'.

About the author:

Hi. I am Sakshi Bhatia. I am a college student. I love reading and cooking. I have my own blog related to cooking. Besides, I also write as a freelancer.