Nokia 3310 Review, Price, Specs

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Returning to call a mobile product as a Feature Phone is really difficult after years in which the word always used to describe this type of products has been Smartphone. The new Nokia 3310, which will arrive shortly in the Indian market through HMD that finally can market technological products with Nokia brand, is therefore not a smartphone and it belongs to the category we call feature phone, namely those phones that do not have the features and characteristics a true smartphone itself, but that will still allow you to access the internet, take pictures, and take advantage of some advanced functionality.

This phone is very different from the original Nokia 3310, marketed in October 2000 and that was a real milestone in the landscape of mobile communication. Today's teenagers will try hard to love this phone and the number 3310 will not mean much. Yet 17 years ago to purchase a rugged device, aesthetically pleasing, able to change appearance and color with a simple cover, was no easy task. The success of the original 3310 has been built over the years.

At the time changing phones every year was considered almost as crazy and indeed bring 3310 to a five-year lifecycle changing 3 or 4 batteries and buying some accessories was considered normal. An era, when so we want to call it, bygone was less consumerist probably where communication was made from landline telephones.

Nokia 3310 was, in this usage, an unbeatable machine, a phone that became one with the hand and that allowed, thanks to its innovative T9 keyboard, almost unique of Nokia products in those years, to write long messages even without looking over the keys. A communication almost always entrusted to 160 characters, especially among the younger people. Finally a game, simple, immediate but that has entertained millions of people was the Snake.

In the golden Years for 3310, despite the successors, quickly became a fashion that has been able to change the target audience going from a phone of young people to a communication device for senior and elderly users. Today, 17 years later, the operation in nostalgia seems to work. While the media hype is not missed, and over the past three months has done nothing but talk about the 2017 edition of 3310, the new model is still a nice product and a good mix between past and present.

The new one is much thinner, with a much larger color screen and offers an interface based on the latest generation of the basic models produced last year by Microsoft. The font size is customizable with the ability to change the background and some colors. Nokia 3310 2017 Edition is holding very well, and is extremely robust and, if it falls, does not break into pieces before being reassembled as in the past.

The front cover is in fact screwed to the body and cannot be removed with the same simplicity as earlier. Under the battery cover, a Microsoft logo initially left many bewildered but there is nothing wrong as the new 3310 battery is the same of the Nokia Asha marketed last year by Microsoft.

For the 3310 the main difficulty is to finding the normal SIM used earlier, and in the new model you can also opt for the dual SIM solution. The keyboard is extremely responsive and fast and very much like the original model (although it lacks the mechanical click that I liked so much). Nokia 3310 2017 edition has a more advanced and accurate middle button navigation and a rear 2 MP camera.

There is no evidence of WhatsApp, at least for now, and 3310 is a phone for texting and calling, if you need more, better think twice. I will stop here, not that I may not want to remember anecdotes, situations and uses of my 3310 when I was still at college.

This was a meeting between past and present in a market that today has changed radically since the early 2000s and to find a place for a non-smartphone seems almost impossible. The success of the 2017 edition of 3310 is granted. It may not be the new phone from the drawer, but we're really happy that HMD has decided to make this gift to all native from the 80s.