Microsoft Launches Surface Laptop with Windows 10 S

Microsoft Surface laptop images wallpaper

The new Microsoft Surface becomes reality in the course of an event that the company scheduled in New York. After the Microsoft Surface tablet series, Hybrid Surface Book and the all-in-one Surface Studio, the Redmond giant is going to present a very traditional product. This is the Microsoft Surface Laptop and, yes you guessed it, it's a laptop, specifically an ultrabook designed for the education sector, but more generally also suitable for those who aim at absolute portability.

Panos Panay launched Microsoft Surface Laptop as a suitable device for students, even those with medium to high requirements. In configurations it is faster by 50% than a MacBook Pro with Core i7. The Surface Laptop represents Microsoft's answer to Google Chromebook Pixel. Microsoft claims it will have as much as 14 hours of battery life thanks to a series of new solutions adopted.

Based on a 13.5-inch Full HD display with 4:3 aspect ratio, unlike the other cousins of the Surface series, this computer will have a sensitive layer for the touch but not a mechanism for the release of the keyboard with Intel processors starting from the seventh generation i5. According to information received, Surface Laptop should weigh about 1.2 pounds and be from 9.9 to 14.4 mm.

We do not know yet which processors will be used, while the images reveals two details of the envelope of board connection ports, which comprises at least one USB and a mini DisplayPort but shows no trace of USB-C connectors, and the colorations provided of platinum, burgundy, cobalt blue and gold graphite. The laptop will be manufactured by Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Samsung and Toshiba.

It will be interesting to know the details of the operating system installed which will be the not yet unveiled Windows 10 S edition of Microsoft software that can only run apps coming from the company's digital store. If so, Surface Laptop cannot run a significant part of today's existing apps on Windows PCs, a solution that should help the laptop to gain exclusivity especially towards the aforementioned opponents of Chromebook Series.

The device is not suitable for 3D graphics or video editing beyond a certain level, but perfect for productivity on the go and even entertainment. Microsoft calls it the most balanced laptops. Panay talked about a device that will last, attention to materials and build. This is why the Surface Laptop is launched with a price base of 1,169 €, and for top configurations the figure rises to 2,549 €.

At present we think Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, directly in the center of Manhattan. After having filed another positive quarter, the multinational company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen showed the new Surface Laptop trying to steal the show from the Macbook Air from Apple. But the real revolution, at least in Redmond, is the version of Windows designed for teachers in over one hundred countries around the world for classroom 2.0.

There's talent everywhere, unlike the opportunities, said Nadella, who comes from a small Indian family and reached the top thanks to the sacrifices made by the grandparents and parents to have access to education. And we have to work because the possibilities multiply.

Windows 10 S is free for all schools that already have Windows 10 and includes Office 365 with its writing programs and mail. More Microsoft teams will collaborate between people of different content, no matter if it is a text, a photo or a video. Students will be able to enter credentials and access the operating system on the web doing research together, chatting, sharing and collaborating directly with other students.

Windows 10 S is obviously going to school. Lighter than the normal version, it cannot be changed except with the permission of the teachers. At the center is Intune for Education, the software that allows the teacher or professor to manage the work of real-time pupils, from classwork assignment of things to study, to documents which are being drawn. They can intervene remotely on individual computers, to chat to the group or individual, or not to authorize the installation of new software, see which sites students browse and help them alongside.

For those who have some learning difficulty, the teacher can follow them step by step with more direction and more continuity, explains Eran Megiddo, vice President of Microsoft, which has been at the forefront in building Windows 10 S. We do not know where children will work tomorrow, because many of those jobs are yet to be invented, but we know that collaboration, the incentive to creativity and sharing are key aspects.

So Microsoft hopes that this new generation grow up to an adult and will continue to use Windows in a different form. A long-term investment. Not to mention that Intune for Education, the control instrument for teachers, still has to be bought. For those institutions that do not have computer or have updated their computers free of cost to Windows 10 when it was possible to buy a license will mean that they have to shell out $ 189.

That all this is enough to revolutionize the school is hard to say. We speak of a complex machine that has few resources available. And a new operating system based on co-operation is likely to be a drop in the bucket. But it is a step forward, objected Megiddo. And on the Parthian plane merely saves time for teachers who now with a simple click can send tasks to everyone and always know where students are. Not to mention the low cost PC.

Windows 10 S will arrive this summer, in time for the new school year. Overall, at first glance, it is impressive but it is a pity that there are several precautions with first and foremost a USB-C port and also the finishing fabric that is as beautiful and pleasant to the touch, leaves some doubt on the durability.

The pre-orders now open from the official Microsoft store, but in the market it will actually come from 15 June.