Malaysia Travel Tips

Malaysian Kuala Lumpur Towers soar into the sky. Soaring to a height of 1,482 feet, this 88-story twin towers is the jewel of Kuala Lumpur. Called the Petronas Twin Towers, they make all heads turn. They are majestic by day, as they glow in the Malaysian sun. At night they are a dazzling sight by the light of the moon.

These Malaysian towers are an international icon. They capture the dreams and ambitions of the nation. It is a Malaysian dream to make a debut in the international stage. The Petronas Twin Towers are a symbol of Malaysian excellence!

Experience a Malaysian Adventure and let it begin at the twin towers. Immerse yourself in all the displays that show the journey of the towers. From a thought to completion, the journey is exciting. Soar high in the air, as you take an amazing elevator with a futuristic theme. The doors open at the Skybridge. Here you can experience the world’s highest 2-story bridge. A send even higher to level 86, where you can see the vision as it spreads out before you. You will find astonishing views of Kuala Lumpur. The view is breathtaking! The city of Kuala Lumpur boggles your mind.

After enjoying the amazing view, catch lunch at the food court. Suria KLCC Mall has a good selection of international offerings. After lunch relax in the park, while the younger family members play on the playground. There is a nice Mosque if you desire to pray. Be sure to enjoy all the jogging trails. Fitness is a Malaysian value. The crown jewel of all is the outstanding Dewan Filharmonik Petronas. The building is acoustically sound. It is home to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.

When finished exploring the grounds of the twin towers, conclude your visit at the gift shop. Here you can find the perfect souvenir. There are books and music. Whatever your desire, they are sure to have it.