Far Cry 5: Review, Price, Setting, Plot and more

Far Cry 5 images

After years of rumors and an official announcement, Ubisoft has finally lifted the veil on Far Cry 5, thanks to a series of mini teaser, lasting a few seconds each, anticipating the official reveal of the game. The trailer, however, hide the details, which generate some hypotheses about the new production of the series.

In reality, there is little doubt about the ambiance. The same Ubisoft in the trailers made it clear that the adventures that we will experience first in Far Cry 5 are set in Montana, specifically in the fictional town of Hope County. But if we know the region (or rather, the state) which will host the events of the game, we can try to narrow down a bit of the field.

For obvious reasons we know that we will not have the entire state of Montana for our raids. The playing area, however, should be inspired by the Glacier National Park. Its mountain ranges, its lakes and forests are very similar to those seen in the trailer.

More than a hypothesis, however, it is almost a confirmation. Right at the beginning of May, an article published on a website spoke of a film crew in charge of filming the material to be allocated to the promotion of a video game. The cameras also resumed at the Stillwater Free Church. A quick search with Google Maps and et voila, the distance from the church to Glacier National Park is just 45 minutes. Its easy to reach in real life, let alone in a video game!

The rumors were that Far Cry set is in the old west. Today's teaser trailer have probably (indeed, almost certainly) silenced these voices. As you can see, in fact, in popular videos from Ubisoft the protagonists are all dressed in modern clothes, from the twenty-first century. To start from the present jeans jacket in the clash between the two men in the church tower.

Even the body (probably female) that is dragged by the current of a river seems to be wearing jeans and sneakers. All too modern setting à la Red Dead Redemption, Gun and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The man who is trying to escape his killer gives us further evidence of the time of setting of the new Far Cry. From the screenshot that you find a little further down, the man appears to be wearing a t-shirt or a white linen shirt, short-sleeved and perfect for the warmer periods of the year.

The environment also provides us with a rather important clue as to the time of setting of Far Cry 5. The church is in fact surrounded by what appear poles and pylons for electricity. They could also be of the poles for the use of telegraphs, however unused and present within the park, and the game as a historical memory.

In earlier days, in Reddit, a user claimed to have participated in a research group for the next Far Cry. In addition to having unveiled ahead of the game world (precisely Montana) also it released few details about the enemy, the villain can and the game setting. Information that should be taken with tongs, because within a year can be a lot has changed in the course of production.

The entire game concern a Christian religious worship. Ubisoft would want to work on a point of evil view of religious followers, complete with a scene where a preacher would hold a Bible in one hand and with the other hand a rifle. Hope County would be nothing but a city populated by some people who are preparing for the end of civilization, following an unspecified religious cult.

The protagonist would also be a preacher of this faith, along the line of Jim Jones and David Koresh. At this point it is easy to think that in Far Cry 5 players could be involved in some sort of Hope County rescue or an escape from what has become a decidedly unbearable reality.

In one of the trailers released by Ubisoft we very well heard a scream of a man in the forest. It is probably a murder, perhaps linked to their religious questions. Those who participated in the focus groups, Ubisoft speaks of a city and a setting where the word of God is actually law.

In support of the protagonist, finally, there should be a person of the female sex, a hippie and some citizens probably sick of what he has experienced in years of staying at Hope County. If these assumptions will come true as we only know next Friday, when the new Far Cry will be finally revealed in its entirety.